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RT @RaisinaSeries: Oye, hero, politics is a bit complicated, so don't tax your muscled brain too much, just save your energy on making… https://t.co/7POn1qm2ma
RT @RanaAyyub: @RaisinaSeries haryana ke hain na. Doing his bit for emancipation of women
@__OHS おやすみ〜(:3冫 ノ)ノ 布団に入ってるのに眠くならない👀✨
@kkr_pop @dgcfchdcjyd_rgg @Ke_Ke_Keesan もうくらますはやらないかな(´;ω;`)
RT @lahirip: @RandeepHooda she isnt poor. You are. Only you fear to lose if you don't please the government. She doesn't. @ShekharGupta @virendersehwag
RT @ShekharGupta: Sad, from you, Viru & Randeep, big-hearted stars. Nobody's patriotism needs certificates & hers has stamp of her fa… https://t.co/zudxsngh7u
RT @UtdIndex: 7: Zlatan Ibrahimovic has now scored 7 goals in the 6 domestic cup finals he's played in. LEGEND. 🔴 https://t.co/HCKoDKnOEJ
RT @ManUtd: Herrera put it on a plate for Zlatan to head home from point-blank range. YES! #MUFC #EFLCup
RT @insidesafstand: Class by Martial in the build up to that goal... and an excellent cross by Herrera.
@peperonchino_S @dgcfchdcjyd_rgg @Ke_Ke_Keesan バレフォのクランは蒸発型だね
@peperonchino_S @kkr_pop @Ke_Ke_Keesan 僕が引退したのが一番痛いよね。 VerX最強、in率最高の僕が。。。()
@dgcfchdcjyd_rgg @kkr_pop @Ke_Ke_Keesan もう無理だね おれのせいだわほんと
@shariahaisha legendary tweet..deserves unlimited retweets till it reaches to every muslim
ごめんなさい。 少しだけ1人で考えさせてください。
RT @shariahaisha: But today: food pics & couple selfies & holiday snaps everywhere. & not jst for close relations/friends, but for the whole world to see
Hou je bek. Nee ik hou mijn bek niet voor jou kkr op en hou je bek!
RT @shariahaisha: From Islam we know not to speak of our blessings in front of those who may not have them. It can make others feel uncomfortable or unhappy
RT @Swatimathur81: This could happen to anyone of us who voices an opinion. Time to #StandUpAndFight https://t.co/WHQvUOHonR
RT @yehlog: Now Bollywood "star" joins the lynch mob against a dead soldier's daughter. Then you wonder why she got rape threats https://t.co/gQki9w1DdE
RT @iamsrk: Always wish my KKR boys the best and never said anything to the girls who bring so much cheer. Lov u girls & thanx https://t.co/sxkNxqgrrg