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More watercolouring with the new Watercolor Pencils - on my blog today.
@ambermdoll Plz tell me y u always hatin
@dlacalle @DavictusCat @rivadesella_a Démosle a Cataluña concierto económico, 16.000m€ más al año 8% PIB y luego revisamos qué dice S&P
@KatyBugHH @WorIdStarFunny I just laughed out loud in the library 💀💀💀
@What_Cat_Said so are you if you're pointing tht out abt me then admitting u do it ?? Takes one to know one x
RT @ARAesports: "Es fan campanyes on es ridiculitzen els jugadors amb muntatges barats de Photoshop": els @Dracs1991 aixequen la ve…
RT @FOXPanthers: Tuesday night #FlaPanthers on deck tonight! The Cats look to extinguish the Flames in Calgary starting at 9pm on…
Tear off my cloths throw me in bed; put my legs in the air and make me moan! #erotic
RT @Animals1st: ❗️IMPORTANT❗️ All CAR & CAT owners 🚗🐱 ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓
How I avoided a blunt force trauma to the head while falling out of the shower today- no cat like motor skills or ninja moves? #miracle
@Alice_r24 おはよー合鍵ω•◌ )アリス Cat団団長っ♪
I'm getting real tired of my cat walk across my desk just to do a lil nasty fart and waltz off again.
RT @Carlessalaroca: Avui hem explicat la nostra decisió de crear un índex de referència de lloguer a CAT. Volem canvis en 18 temes dels…
RT @AdaColau: No treballem amb qui evadeix impostos. Tampoc amb elèctriques que tallin llum a famílies vulnerables cc/@eloibadia
RT @catgirlspls: There were so many girls objectifying themselves w/ cat ears at the anime convention 2 weeks ago, I gave in and bou…
RT @dodo: “From the minute we have brought Sonny home, they have respected him and loved him as one of their own.”
cat·a·ton·ic (kat-uh-ton-ik) - having catatonia, a syndrome characterized by muscular rigidity and mental stupor: The schizophrenic rema