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@Bishopdadon23 Kiffin Petrino. Close though
@CFC_Matisyahu agreed but I think kiffin is more realistic. I think he has grown up and would be a great staff
@CharlieMenges 1. Bama 2. Bama D 3. Bama again 4. Lane Kiffin's visor
@CFC_Matisyahu Tom Herman is my top choice. I think lane kiffin could do some damage with our roster.
Jeff Caple is CBB's Lane Kiffin. Career assistant. Any program would be crazy to make him a HC ever again. #ChampionsClassic #Duke
@JustRyCole No one who's employed Lane Kiffin deserves anything!
Lane Kiffin, Jim Leavitt, Greg Schiano among our Broyles Award leaders. MORE:
How does @danieltosh do a sketch about Saban and not mention how much he and Lane Kiffin look alike?
@Lame_Kiffin I look forward to finding out!
@KevinOnCFB And what did beating Washington do for USC?
@_PeteSmith_ Not 100% sure. Does Kiffin have a history of not using TE's?
@InsideUSC short sighted to mock sark and kiffin. They are million dollar earners, much more than any writer. Writers will be obsolete soon
@TomahawkNation @2wrong2short but Lane Kiffin would. Saban ties, & you know fsu loves the Bama blue print
What do you think about Aranda as HC,w/Oeaux as DC/HC's Mentor? C/also get Kiffin or Briles as OC/quasi-HC mentor?
Saban and Kiffin got yall beat fam
@nBoEnforcer Me? Really? Wow. That's very nice of you to say, thank you. Can mine be an entire football team? If not, then Lane Kiffin.
Jordan Bone was saying "Yes sir" as Jordan Bowden attempted a three. Is that the equivalent of Lane Kiffin calling a TD? #Vols
RT @VFL_insider: Today’s @AtoZSports was all #SEC! #Vols, #Vandy, Lane Kiffin & ranking SEC head coaches
RT @AtoZSports: Catch the show on your way home! #SEC: #Vols, Lane Kiffin, and the SEC’s coaching problems…
@finebaum so apparently LSU does not have Kiffin's number?
Catch the show on your way home! #SEC: #Vols, Lane Kiffin, and the SEC’s coaching problems…
RT @CobraJet70: @1037Ben Coach O gets job, Kiffin gets OC, Saban gets #5 Dynasty and off to Texas or New England...