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Ata Hingano playing NSW Cup today. Read into what you will. But Looks like Kieran Foran is back tomorrow for the Warriors at Kogarah.
Should I take and wait for Kieran at physio after I've finished a night shift when he could just get the bus?
Kane plays Kieran in. His shot from a narrow angle is kicked away
RT @colourcollectiv: READ: @kieran_yates' essay on how Drake's More Life connects music across the world's black diaspora for @thefader:
Hiya Kieran!
You're willing to do whatever it takes to keep the waters calm... More for Gemini
@Tiametmarduk TV blokes said drops of rain in the paddock.
@kieran_____ cheers lad 😝
Tak and Kieran on. Serge and Michael off.
@KieranPorter44 this is the most Kieran thing you could possibly do πŸ˜‚
For the lad who helped my friend luke I'll buy you a round next time Kieran something
RT @GoSydGo: Regardless of what happens #BBN. πŸ’™
RT @ct_hawthorne: @fraserbrand pretended to be an opera singer to seduce gavins maw
Aviva mentioned again: - RT @Kieran_Hickey That brass band effort at the Aviva tonight was embarrassing to say th...
@Stillbuff kust listened to the extra podcast this is Kieran. No kidding We call him Bubby or Bub.
RT @redapples: 20-year old Devin Booker just scored 70 points! And people got mad at me for making this...
@kieran_kong different stroke for different folks 😭
Templemore will need 'special' day to dethrone kingpins Kieran's #GAA
RT @BedsSU: The 2017/18 Vice President Sport will be … Kieran Nixon. Well Done Kieran!
#Celebrity #Zone: Igby Goes Down, Good #DVD, Kieran Culkin, #ClaireDanes, Jeff Goldblum, Jared Harr #Celebs
RT @partiers: Waking up hungover and sitting on the edge of your bed like