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@Cam_074 @navarrablue @DominicPatt @dillondanis Only a casual would be a conor fan boy and call Frankie a gate keeper. Stick to soccer kid
Frankie might need to transfer to CoC or Cleveland State or something. Red shirt, whatever, this kid looks so lost.
Well, would ya’ look at this gem?! Anyone who knows me is aware of tha’ fact that takin’ a long stroll down memory…
@RaminaShlah Frankie Jonas is 100 percent the the mailman’s kid right???
Frankie Sanchez' first punt goes 60 yards. I love this kid. #txhsfb
If I ever somehow end up having a kid, that lil shit better look like Frankie. If it looks like me, it’s gonna be a…
Thank u God for another day and for the fact I can wake up and play The Kid Frankie off 1 app instead of going back n forth between apps 🙏🏾
Ieri sera @ hiroshima_mon_amour_torino #Torino Questa sera circolomagnolia #Milano benjaminventuramusic frankie.…
@Kid_frankie__ @WalkOnWarriors @WeTalking2K @2kCompGames @CallMeAgent00 What’s good sir i play a lot of 2s hard to run 2 guards.
the kid Frankie >>>
RT @Avengers: Part of the journey is the end.
Frankie must secretly watch too much old school football on YouTube, he’s just chopped a kid in half, then stepped…
RT @XXL: Kid Trunks (@yungboitrunks) of @membersonlyFL speaks to the crowd before performing the crew’s last song of the nig…
Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons (Bob Crewe & Bob Gaudio) (Rag doll, ooh.) (Hand me down) When she was just a kid…
RT @GeeSeeGhosts: 😂😂 Wiz Khalifa and Kid Cudi backstage tonight at Bape heads event in New York
@C_Marie2015 Tryna beef up so I don’t injure my “rodercup”
@tha_kid_frankie Shawtyyy trynnna get thiccc thiccc
I gotta chill, I really be tryna go grab some food every single day. Like I’m not out here buying groceries for a reason
RT @noelvpascual: Remember Tom Cruise and the kid from Jerry Maguire? This is them now. Feel old yet?
The Kid Frankie will always slap