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RT @brxndonsivxn: DON'T SAY A WORD // Halcyon Days - ultimate album intro - kick ass drum beat - don't fuckin say it bitch
RT @TishaDravenXXX: @MistressKawaii @LaughingLatina #TeamMoney all dayyyy. This cast is getting more kick ass! 😉
So happy to be back in Austin and working for this kick ass brand @snapkitchen 🔥🔥🔥
@please_kick_ass ご馳走様でした🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 やばすぎますわ…これはやばすぎます
@danharmon Doesn't matter. Those guys and gal kick ass. Seen them live twice. Love their music. If you don't like them, you're racist.
Celebrating a kick ass day thenichevt with Chef Chad Hanley in style - Ginger-Lemoncello IPA…
RT @viracode: 7 kick ass  #Landingpage tactics that will convert your visitors into #payingcustomers by @viracode
Hayley Atwell - Women Who Kick Ass Panel at Comic Con in San Diego #HayleyAtwell
Tatiana Maslany - Women Who Kick Ass Panel at SDCC 2015 #TatianaMaslany
@please_kick_ass レンチたんペロペロ😋💦
Seriously Wanna be violent towards Zulu? Go for it Zulu is packing more than what you think Zulu can kick ass and take names >;^3
@please_kick_ass うんうん、色々とあると思うけど、楽しんで!
thefabulouskjg was so tough in this episode of #Notorious love seeing her kick ass
" You teach me how to dance, I'll teach you how to kick ass" 😂
RT @62joseTorres: @JTTheBrick there will be another day another game Raiders will be ready to kick ass
@hisoppai_noob ストーリーの進行次第ということかな…w
@smid_r ありがとうございますう~~~~~❤❤❤さみだれさんのルークぱいに触発されました!!!完全に乳首イキを仕込まれてしまう流れですよこれは…!
since league starts next week and we are gonna kick ass 🤘🏼⚽️
@JTTheBrick there will be another day another game Raiders will be ready to kick ass
In my mind, I really need to kick ass on the ACT this weekend 👏🏻
@please_kick_ass なるほどね、私は公式スタイルで行くと決めたw
depeche mode is such a kick-ass band
If Bernie wants to assemble a squad like Dumbledore's army, I'm in. We'll kick ass...WITH LOGIC AND REASONING!!! Huzzah for diplomacy. << YOU ARE TEH SAME TYPE OF PEOPLE WHO INSULTED FIRST FSOG SO CHILL OST DARKER WILL BE KICK ASS TOO!