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@CoopLed When you start missing Kevin Gregg, then I'll start to worry.
When someone on Facebook says the Reds should have kept Kevin Gregg
I liked a @YouTube video Pelea David Ortiz VS Kevin Gregg 7/8/2011
@acmazzaro @THEREALTyner who were we talking about the other day? Kevin Gregg?!
@Jared_Carrabis I was at Red Sox Orioles in 2011 when Papi charged Kevin Gregg. It was awesome
or that time Ian Stewart was the everyday third baseman, Carlos Marmol was the closer and that time Kevin Gregg was kinda good?
I really think the #reds should be signing up all the minor-league deals. But instead of Kevin Gregg they should get someone like Frieri.
@milldad11 @nick_jessee12 don't forget about the seasoned veteran Jay Bruce. Anybody know what Kevin Gregg is up to? Bronson is coming back
@ShinyKefka Not better than signing Kevin Gregg. The problem with Gregg was placing him on the 25-man. He signed a MiLB deal.
@dougdirt24 meh, better than signing a Kevin Gregg or Skip Schumaker.
I wonder if Kevin Gregg or B.J Ryan are wanting to make a comeback? @Wilnerness590 #bluejays fan #wintermeetings