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@MagicManEden Is it really Joe F.C Kim better watch his back
RT @thehibeesfamily: BT sports spent 5 min before the game telling us Joe Lewis best keeper in scotland 😂😂😂😂😂🇳🇬👍🏻
@Joe_Sugg @Joe_Sugg @USERNAMESERIES which was your fav book to wrielte and why??
Billie Joe é o convidado especial dessa noite na peça "The Terms of My Surrender" de Michael Moore. #MooreBroadway
@WaveItByeBye Joe, you're awesome, but the Oriole aren't chasing a Wild Card anymore. We all know that.
RT @Bencjacobs: INBOX: Joe Biden to hold rally with Doug Jones in Birmingham, Alabama on October 3
RT @USFreedomArmy: Sheriff Joe's crime was enforcing U.S. law. What a croc! Our patriot army awaits your enlistment at…
@laurac131 @FrTravesty @frdarryl @frspenna 3/4 of us are St Joe's alumni, and Fr Penna teaches at Newman. Noticing a trend...
#WhenINeedABreak from Joe. He needs to reassess whether he wants to be single or in a relationship w/ me.
@benjaminbutter He'll be off to B&Q to get some more fencing to sit on. The rest of what he has must be occupied by other Lib Dems.
@AleContreras10 Estas ultimamente muy pendiente del Sevillismo no?disfruta de tu equipo ahora que puedes joe xd
Red Cross opened it's Disaster Relief application for #HurricaneHarvey survivors today... They are giving $400 to...
RT @89JonesNTAF: #TBT When your Wideout owns a farm and you hop in the creek knee deep to pull him and his 4-wheeler out of there👀…
@ProFootballTalk Here you go Joe.
Carlota y el guapo, joe no estoy en el programa y aun asi me nombran #Gala2GH
Here's Joe Thomas explaining the idea being looking at success rate (which he calls "rushing efficiency") rather th…
RT @FosteSherman: @GeorgeTakei @JonFarrugia2 The conservative is dead. We have fascists acting as conservatives. Joe Scarborough still confused.
RT @Football__Tweet: "Joe Hart can't save shots down to his left."
RT @Whiplash_Net: Joe Perry: guitarrista adora as "odiadas" cervejas sem álcool #Aerosmith
@joe_umk Thank you my g
@craigtimes If you haven't -- and I can't imagine you haven't -- read "Spade & Archer" by Joe Gores. It goes deeper…
@MattFieldtweets @georgiecross @joe_dicko @GazGShore @mtvgeordieshore I'll just stick with you and head to the toilet store Fieldy!
RT @Caspar_Lee: Congrats on releasing your book @Joe_Sugg! #UsernameUprising #proud
RT @toriihornacek: rt so @Coach_LawrenceW can bring his son to the game tomorrow
Fuck the whole lot. I'd rather live my life happy with my wife in my own little world than fight with wee jock or joe bloggs on the internet