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RT @SantiiGaido: Pensando seriamente en eliminar wpp
Mir fällt jetzt erst auf, dass das Etwas, was Wurmschwanz in HP4 in den Kessel schmeißt, das gleiche ist wie in HP7.2 im Bahnhof Kingscross😯
Former Minnesota Gophers in the NHL
@JRodriguez_1521 gonna play as my dads Phil kessel and taransenko lol
I feel like I just died and the save point I reloaded to is like a million years ago.
RT @KatyaSola: Sigo teniendo Snap solamente por los fueguitos, si no fuera por eso ya lo hubiera eliminado 🙅
Recién me desperté, si recién 5:40
The last time Tom Hanks hosted SNL, Jonathan Toews and Phil Kessel were college freshmen preparing for the NHL Draft. Been a while, huh?
@Rick_City so you're saying you want a Kessel jersey!
@dreema_kessel had to delete the tweet bc reasons but i'm not an alcoholic i've been sober all week 🙂
@FairGameCast glad to be of service!😊
@jauxking @Shardfox it's not like we're not trying.
RT @FairGameCast: TO CLARIFY: It's not that there's been omissions - it's that no books about Irish sportswomen have been written / r…
@SlimCliffy I don't know. Kovalchuk is like Kessel in the NZ. Laine doesn't have that speed IMO. He's a stud though.
@kessel_run @Shardfox you two better get on it! :D
RT @lesportfeminin: La hockeyeuse la mieux payée de la LNHF touche à 26 k$/année. Le hockeyeur le mieux payé de la LNH : 14 M$/année.
RT @EvgeniMaIkinEgo: America is great because America gave us Phil Kessel*
RT @NHLpittPENS: Somebody wanna photoshop Kessel and Ghost into the Oval Office?