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RT @Katie_L_MCFC: Adebayor is hitting Kerry Katona levels of doing anything for money.
Adebayor is hitting Kerry Katona levels of doing anything for money.
@DaftLimmy He'll get a Kerry Katona-like deal, end up with a on/off drug habit and fluctuating waist-line that is constantly publicised. 💵 💵
@BeardedGenius i once said hiya to Kerry Katona at a petrol station in warrington. #mixingwiththestars
the best band of them all is at the bottom. also caveat. having to listen to kerry katona sing again my ears weep at the thought.
That Patrick Bamfords had more loans than Kerry Katona. Won't help his career way too much butting and batting. Settle down lad, get roots.
What's Kerry Katona done now?
A show about Kerry Katona sniffing coke of a hairy builders arse would be better then anything of Dapper Laughs!
@nac_nic Kerry katona follows me on Twitter #bffs
smh Kerr just confused Kerry Katona and Jennifer Lawrence
@lilyallen still didn't beat Kerry Katona with her pants down x
This girl looks like a dark skinned Kerry Katona, right? #FirstDates
Kirsty looks like Kerry Katona in winter #FirstDates
Too Much, Too Young: My Story of Love, Survival and Celebrity by… #Showbiz #Buzz
RT @joelhuds: Mel B's mum tweeting advice to Kerry Katona in the form of a Spice Girls lyric is my new favourite thing
@JagerShakes Kerry Katona blocked me without any interaction. 😢
@Kate_Why @whygeorgie omg atomic kitten with kerry katona and michelle from liberty x
#TakeACelebOnHoliday Kerry Katona.. and leave her there. On a deserted island.
My favourite thing about that promo for Atomic Kitten is that Kerry Katona still looks like she hasn't got a fucking clue what's happening.
Can we please have a countdown programme on Channel 5 which doesn't feature Kerry Katona?
@RyanJL It's fine, Ryan, they've got the important vocalist. Kerry Katona.
RT @EnnAyZed: Rita Ora. Kerry Katona. KT Hopkins.