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RT @schneidertwins: Met Ken Jeong on our flight. An incredible man! Inspired by his success! #kenjeong #ysbh #ridealong2 #schneidertwins
When I finished my residency in New Orleans, I went to L.A. where I would ... #KenJeong #quotes
RT @Ro94Angel: Ken Jeong as Short Fuse, a Belgian explosive and demolitions expert harp seal and a member of the North Wind.
Ken Jeong is such a funny person man. Way underrated.
Ken jeong hahahaha this actor
I liked a @YouTube video Dr. Ken Jeong Reviews House, Dr. Oz & Other TV Doctors | Vanity Fair
Ken Jeong and Rob Riggle parody 'Hello' by Adele | FOX NFL Sunday #staged
Actor Ken Jeong of ABC’s “Dr. Ken” Joins The @RichEisenShow in Studio 10/13/16 via @YouTube
Retweeted Ken Jeong (@kenjeong): TONIGHT! 830p/730c ABC #DrKen's Korean Ghost Story
Also, stop using Kevin Hart, a minion, or Ken Jeong's image to call Hilary an idiot. It's killing memes for everyone