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i can never watch netflix w out eating i swear i have a problem😂🙃
RT @MySportsUpdate: Seriously, How did we end up with these 2 candidates?
RT @mertbrew: i wish one thing in my life was easy or going smoothly rn
@vegankellzz thanks Kellz ❤️
@realDonaldTrump is right- HAITI doesn't want your help!
@HillaryClinton said that the Clinton foundation raised $30 million for Haiti after the earthquake but couldn't say what exactly it did...
DJT: You were for open borders.... HRC: I was not! CW: actually you were... HRC: WELL RUSSIA
If all young people watched the presidential debates the voter turnout would be higher than ever. This man trump is a joke. #ImWithHer
RT @TomiLahren: She needs everybody but she thinks we are deplorable, irredeemable, desperate and redneck. #debatenight
RT @Harlan: HRC had no answer for @wikileaks tonight. #debatenight
@epresssss @jessicollinson yo I can't even say it doesn't . I'm pretty sure that was me. I don't even have Jessi's # but it was me
RT @AccordingtoBria: There you go Hilary. She said "When I'm president". You better claim it girl.
RT @neeratanden: LOVE BERNIE RESPONSE -- he thinks you're the most dangerous person to run and I agree.
RT @ebrojiapp: American women in the voting booth on November 8th... #DebateNight
RT @MichaelBrownUSA: I don't want you investing in my family. Stay away from me and my family. #Hillary #Debatenight
RT @__citgo: Maturing & growing...
RT @glennbeck: No Hillary 'WE PAY FOR EVERYTHING YOU SPEND". #debatenight