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RT @billboard: BTS hits 12 million followers on Twitter
RT @ife_luv12: Today is the oldest you’ve ever been, also the youngest you’ll ever be again...
RT @BantuMthabela: RT If you've never been on a date on Valentine's Day
RT @prodbycaz: Snow fight @ 4👀👀👀 what’s good?
RT @BigLosa: Multiple incomes is the goal💰
RT @betterGANG_B: 🗣YOLO, Live It Up Shortttyyyy @betterGANG_kera BiRTHDAY VIBES 💝🤩👑🍾
Schoo flow 📚📝
@lovee_kellz No ur not Cus I don’t have any either 😂
RT @iAmAClipse: "Steady stressing to be never stressed." Listen to Running Running Ft A-Clipse X Icebox by Chief Kellz #np on…
I have no notebooks. I’m really failing at life 🤦🏾‍♀️
@Kyng_Kellz Well look who it is 🤣🤣
Relying on logic allows your associates to directly experience... More for Aquarius
I love wearing scarfs because they hide my double chin.... lmfao 😂😂😂😭😭😭
I never seen anyone so persistent as you...
RT @nosrslymaddy: still waiting on my w2s cause wtf niggas got money to collect
Someone you thought you could trust is acting strangely now an... More for Leo
RT @_Tbibbs_: While pulling my hair and making me call him daddy 😭😭😩 miss them good ole days 😂😂😅
So everyone still has classes ??
RT @SpanishCurvess: While I Tell You How Much I Love Feeling You Inside Of Me >