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@detroithockey96 and that's why you're right my bad haha
Bout to bring a bad lil thing through 🤤
So unfollow me on Twitter unadd me on snapchat and probably blocked my number but... never told me why and just moved on enjoy being a pig!
Howard with a .936 SV% since returning from injury (4gp). #RedWings
@giveawayqallo I said don't at me ugh jeez
Helloo.... Kellan Buddy (kellan_buddy)
@ShepMatt worked well for Athanasiou earlier this year...who knows?
Hart. Lock it. Now. Don't at me.
RT @KyleWIIM: Anthony Mantha ruining Alex Galchenyuk's life forever
Mantha with a beautiful move and shot. #redwings win in OT
So Kellan somehow learned the word "fuck", and surprisingly it didn't come from me. Even though I shouldn't, it makes me laugh every time. 😂
@POISONxJU ha ha ha, share the wealth.
@Kellan_C i take 1 package to work with me everyday to eat in the car between stores.
@POISONxJU she does through a box a week at a minimum, and by she i mean I help.
@Kellan_C literally. I have 7 packs of 16. Minus what I've eaten out of the open one lol
Te quiero abrazar Kellan