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burnt popcorn is hella good don't @ me 😤
@ArtiseKelly_ around the interior of the home* ...You are *He clears his throat* Kellan Aurora Artise... correct?
RT @choose901: Guest post: "Right now is a great time to live in Memphis, but the best is yet to come." - Kellan Bartosch ->…
RT @KellanPublishin: #ClanofMidnight is a #fantasybook about a magician and other immortals fighting evil at
RT @AmazedByPorn: It's our Number 1 Stud, Kellan "Long Dick" Hartmann, hittin' that pussy too good🍑🍆😏👌@HotGuysFuck #DickGameSoStrong
@Kellan_clark24 stop trying to copy me loser🤗
wow that's crazy i did the same exact thing🤔
Nackte Jungs Gage und Kellan auszupacken und Gage Kopfe nach unten sofort
RT @WillReeveJr: Wait. Raiders QB Connor Cook with an 11.9 QBR in that game against the Denver Broncos? Is this a typo @espn?
RT @edytheswans: 🌸 ashley e kellan no coachella passando na sua tl para deixá-la mais bonita 🌸
@BeierHere @kellan_buddy @GBeck10 Grant I stand with you in solidarity, let's hope next year is better
@BeierHere @kellan_buddy @GBeck10 Have fun getting your asses kicked by the Giants. Buddy godspeed in Seattle, that's going to be tough
RT @NFLResearch: The @packers have beaten the Lions 100 times in their series history (inc. playoffs) They're the first team to beat an opponent 100 times
RT @Red_Wings_Vines: Caldwell is staying. I would be shocked if he gets fired. He has a winning record & playoffs 2/3 years. Idk if that's the right call though.
All I've done today is workout and watch documentaries ☺
Sure, the Lions lost. But at least I know how fast every player can run the 40, thanks to Mr. Collinsworth.