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RT @dianaveiga: This girl is playin the hell outta Michel'le. I hope she gets an NAACP Award nomination. 😂😂 #SurvivingCompton
RT @Lisa__Monroe: i will forever cry when i hear "Something In My Heart" #SurvivingCompton
@Kelis_rad lisssssten all he had to do was act right! She actually loved his dumb ass.
RT @SouljaBenji: Dr.Dre when the writers told him that they were gonna tell the world the truth #SurvivingCompton
Dre now is still the same nigga who abused those women....I really can't believe you don't hear how you sound...
@Kelis_rad Oh god you're one of them, idc about that im referring to ppl trynna shit on Dre "NOW"
RT @KendraAnn4: I still can't get over how Michel'le got over her fear of Suge Knight #SurvivingCompton
RT @Meika_LuvzU: #SurvivingCompton was a hard movie to watch I cry a few times and I was so ready to jump through my tv screen and pull a gun on Dr.Dre
Mannnnn I ain't even think about it man shit
Literally my reaction when I found out
@Kelis_rad He is cute too honey but yeah, lol!
Can you please do a movie about Kelis @lifetimetv?
We're making a big deal about a woman coming forward and speaking about domestic violence...are you hearing how you…
RT @idkkilla: Type of headphones ima be rocking from no on✌🏾️ #SurvivingCompton
If you believe for a min that #SurvivingCompton is made up then the world is flat hummie
RT @KINGSJONGLU: Dre apologizing for something he said he never did???? #SurvivingCompton
RT @_PorshaDeNae: This movie slick pissed me tf off honestly !! #SurvivingCompton
@Kelis_rad because everyone whos just watching it is making a big deal about it lol
RT @RoseGold_Jones: These so-called jokes about this lady life and abuse is no where near funny #SurvivingCompton 😒
@Kelis_rad @Michellemuzic @BEAYAHUS one more time for all the hoteps in the back row.
The movie is about her telling her story,why is that so hard to understand