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Just the 2 of Us by Keith Sweat #nowplaying #ViBE
Various - 05 Twisted - Keith Sweat ARMED RADIO 2.0 Now playing #armedradio #armedradio1
#NowPlaying Right And A Wrong Way by Keith Sweat on #UrbanRadio Slow Jams
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RT @DrkLyrcs: I'm the light skin Keith Sweat, I'ma make it last forever, it's not your turn cause I ain't done yet
#NowPlaying Test Drive ft Joe by Keith Sweat On #BSoulRadio
#NowPlaying Something Just Ain't Right by Keith Sweat on #UrbanRadio Old School R&B
nobody by keith sweat has been replayed at least 7 times in a row
#NowPlaying RIGHT AND A WRONG by KEITH SWEAT on Majic 102.1!
Keith Sweat / Keith Sweat - When I Give My Love (LP Version) #listenlive#blacktwitter
#NowPlaying Pulling Out The One By Keith Sweat On #RnBHitsRadio - Top R&B N Urban Hits @OGKeithSweat
Where's FEMA keith sweat need it that nigga flooded his mansion cryin
Keith Sweat sound like he got tissue stuck in his nose 󾌴󾌴󾌴󾌴󾌴󾌴󾌴󾌴
Keith Sweat is a bi-polar stalker rumor has it he's been cryin bout the same bitch every song since his career...
I pull-up jamming Keith sweat , you niggas never seen me sweat
Dress To Impress ~ Keith Sweat R&B
LMFAO WHERE DID THEY GO WRONG? They were just vibin to Keith sweat I'm confused 😂😭😂💀
#NowPlaying Don't Stop Your Love by Keith Sweat on #UrbanRadio Old School R&B