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RT @chemaglo: horses don't stop they keep going 🐎⚡️
@CosplayMelee Ahhh! So much more inspiration to keep going! I'll for sure keep you guys updated when I'm done. But…
when things are tough it's even more amazing when ppl find the energy to keep going, pls be proud of urself for ur own victories 🌻
Repetition. If you stop who is going to look out for you? Eliminate fear. Eliminate they. You gotta cry? Cool, but keep going💪🏽
@skieskat @valfromrome @BiancaD90 Another dirty thought! Keep going 😂
On a tough night and an unfolding situation #c4news shows how hard live reporting is. Keep Going
Thank goodness for some people in my vicinity, I can keep going. Y'all are the best, you know who you are.
RT @caatney: Sometimes you just gotta tough it out and keep going 🤷🏻‍♀️
@marianich you release too much energy with your comments, and that's fine. Keep going, and the rest, they can fuck off themselves! 🤗
RT TheBasicRules: Keep going...
RT @CTGProjectHQ: Keep going. Those trials along the way are like mileage signs telling you how far you've come.
RT @muftimenk: Nothing happens by accident. The Almighty plans every step for us to learn life's lesson. Trust Him; keep going. You'll smile in the end!
RT @MotivateN0w: No matter what knocks you down in life, get back up and keep going. Never give up. Great blessings are a result of great perseverance.
I really need to keep going to the gym consistently, semper tin algo cu ta hode mi routine 😑
@fuzzydusunceler işte özlenen tablo taymdan ayrı düz koşu keep going fuzzy
RT @AkashaGarnier: ✨ Write. Then keep going until... #wednesdaywisdom #writerslife Powering through #writing & edits. Enjoy your wri…
@Kiera_Bryn so so so true! you can see progress in each other and encourage one another to keep going when things get tough
@DerekBernardo Aight derek keep going with your ignorance, see how far that shit takes you in life
we get tired but we have to keep going
@talyamorris7 but I'm not done yet, I have to keep going at this one since you went after my correct grammar.
Just spent an hour coaching next to a cobra kai style kick boxing grading. "Keep going, you haven't messed it up yet" to sobbing kid!