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RT @aki_5037: ㅋㅎ...루스화 댓따 알티점... https://t.co/gE53VgjWmd
今年KDAY行けなくなったから、違う本州イベント行きたい。どこいこう https://t.co/kNnrEm6LnG
케이크 바나나 우유 잇힣히힣ㅎ히ㅣ힣ㅎㅎ https://t.co/O8lzp4iJf4
@Hoi9yuw2 흑흑 제 관캐 오바구여 아마도 5g속도로 차일거같음
@Hoi9yuw2 와 얌마! 내 플러팅 웨 무시해!
RT @nel1y: USキザシのMTだった。牽引フックにナンバーついてる #kday #kdayc5 http://t.co/jUNxZoRlMd
RT @nel1y: USキザシのMTだった。牽引フックにナンバーついてる #kday #kdayc5 http://t.co/jUNxZoRlMd
@_kday_ no clue. i just want it for the shark animoji i would not communicate any other way.
@crushdfineapple I had to look and find out what the differences were. Why are there so many?
@_kday_ ew. i thought i was gross for wanting the iphone x lolol
@crushdfineapple Yeah but like all the way. Watch, air pods, maybe an iPad too.
Also- I was gonna wait but I think I'm ready to switch back to apple.
Wtf. I rarely play games on my computer but I FINALLY decide to try fallout months after buying it. It almost insta… https://t.co/wg4Xyv42Mj
@Hoi9yuw2 같이 뿌리자 해로쨩
@Hoi9yuw2 마자요 근데 그거 이제부터 제 관캐그등요? 제가 지금 혼신의 힘을다해 플러팅 중이그등요?
@chorisan_FD2 Kdayに来てたspoonFD2やばかったですね🤤😂
@kdaywins KDAY omg lmao 😩
𝔱𝔥𝔯𝔢𝔞𝔡 𝔐𝔬𝔫𝔟𝔢𝔟𝔢 #MonbebeSelcaDay #MonbebeGuatemala @MonbebeGT La razón por la cual quiero ir al Kday es por poder n… https://t.co/byM3FW08qG
RT @alan_rockydadog: Proof that pets are better than people 👍 #GameOfThrones https://t.co/9zOqRlIvKn
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