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@kensing45 @NosTheTwit @MattZemek I quit watching from Katie Vick until the 04 rumble
@Moose_Bigelow @NosTheTwit @MattZemek Before this year, when the combination of Terry Bollea/CHUD Football League/S… https://t.co/GbTlywLx0p
Lmaoooo the same time the Dawn Marie/Al/Torrie Wilson story was going on SD, the Katie Vick was on RAW. 2002 was wild.
Confused why Michael Cole keeps referring to Tori as Kanes first girlfriend, what about Katie Vick???
@ChuckRStark I can't imagine anything more horrifying than seeing the Katie Vick segment again
The anniversaries of this and Katie Vick are just days apart. That's amazing. https://t.co/Tx6QVAEOfs
@ryansatin disney has star wars episode 4 and wwe has katie vick i think it’s a landslide victory here
Michael Vick sues Knox County mayor over wrongful death of sister Katie https://t.co/PNVPHgLtgh
This Saturday morning we’ll be rewatching #SurvivorSeries 2002! Katie Vick, HBK wins his final world title, the Sma… https://t.co/agFZEtBJ4g
Michael Vick sues Knox County mayor over wrongful death of sister Katie https://t.co/E87nzbTdF5 via @KayfabeNews
@lindamargaret54 @briantheguppie It's when it stopped being "fun". Even that Katie Vick nonsense led to a great feud between HBK and Trips.
@hotelpaper @CodyRhodes i think you mean katie vick bad
@davemeltzerWON Katie Vick angle killed WM XIX
2002 was a transition time for #WWE as the brand split has just taken place. On one side #Smackdown is based on wre… https://t.co/78RwT2OXVg
@thewadekeller @prowrestlingnet I have a question about katie vick. is it welcome?
@stevenc48977003 @CodyRhodes A 2 year heel push? That sounds like hhh reign of terror... though I'm not sure if we… https://t.co/mLtYL8Gof7
@CodyRhodes Katie Vick, Mae Young giving birth to a hand bad.
@Real__MonstAr Poesia Anche se il massimo del trash l'hanno raggiunto con Katie Vick, non raggiungeranno più dei picchi simili
@kaylamoonshoes Remember, this is the same company that capitalized on Big Show's father's death, and the same comp… https://t.co/LANVfd2LqZ