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Me while listening to Edison's speech on Scandal https://t.co/F84igBVdx6
*katie and I start singing* Get a call from my neighbors/cousins asking if my ex is trying to break in again 😂
I want a Kenzo sweatshirt😩
RT @yyeoms: summer is saying katie and i's friendship doesnt make sense it totally does
RT @sassytbh: see you can't do this type of stuff with me because I put whole cupcakes in my mouth.. would have choked and died https://t.co/HbhFBRjiW4
this is some next level dweebness (Vine by katie edits™) https://t.co/VBHvDFQbz5
RT @ncsweetheartt: Some of y'all do too much as GFs. Like "omg my bf ate a pea today. I'm so proud of how hardworking he is!! #goals" stfu Katie no one cares
hey John! happy birthday! — Hey Katie, thank you ! 😇️ https://t.co/rK6uGdq2Mz
RT @badgerfan1985: Congratulations to the Lady Foxes on their 65-49 victory over Kaneland. Katie Nolan scored her 1000th career point tonight. Congrats!
RT @geraIdriggins: you can't be out here treating women any kind of way, and feeling some type of way when it happens to your mom or… https://t.co/mYw1riplli
RT @madyy_ruggier: there's nothing worse than feeling like you're being a bother to someone that you used to be able to talk to about anything
Katie Cassidy in Bikini at a Beach in Miami https://t.co/6hgCQek8F8 #KatieCassidy
.@ColonyUSA S1:E6 - holing-up at #TheYonk was flat & unbelievable - although it did develop Katie Bowman character in an interesting way
@Offensive_Loons your lovely wife is not wrong.
HOLA.. MI NOMBRE ES "ELA" | ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE | Fight for Mami | Katie Angel #CuraContraELA https://t.co/5Hz3ap44Mf