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RT @hannahe2214: "How do you politely ask people to stop being disgusting?" Good question, @emmaroww. 😂
@BreitbartNews Poor poor poor Katie,alas, she is no more.😂
@katie_kjelland in my defense she was gone way longer than 15 minutes
I threatened my boyfriend today, I feel pretty good
@Shellebel at this point I don't like it anymore, used to love Olicity and my Laurel...now everything is gone and it's becoming so boring
Looking for contestants for the second series of #impossiblebbc with @rickedwards1 - Apply here:… https://t.co/O8Pd854ebx
@katie_char @mum2tomandjacob so where we going then? We need something lol
RT @yesjide: katie's so nice as well wtf https://t.co/dJJTxCQp10
@PointlessBlog @YouTube lol no cause it's not true 😂
@katie_arce87 Love you too much Arce❤️
im gonna go do homework i love mitch
RT @Adamkrompiewski: Attention to ALL GRADE 12s there will be a VERY IMPORTANT MEETING in tetraults class at 12:20! For any questions please ask hailey or Katie!
My sister said she'd be in the store for 15 mins so I waited in the car and found a 10 pack of pez candy in the glove box and ate all of it
Ado Chubby Katie baise en plein air https://t.co/BPlmqsBSHo
RT @lkirbyyy: Samoas are the best Girl Scout cookies