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RT @pruitt_sr: I’m dating to marry so don’t waste my time
@katie_blazek @realDonaldTrump Can you?? Just don't tweet your embarrassing yourself BUTT you already knew that whe… https://t.co/UkgEw8ZOic
Which Hypnosis Mic character is Katie most like? https://t.co/CsesRzzffg
@fromkurtis @leighnotleah Just to circle back on big vs. small, what I think we are seeing are some 6’5 players doi… https://t.co/JhPpD5g9fP
RT @gracie_leo: Check out this beauty of a #SMACC program: People + Planet 🌎 , Bedside Critical Care🏥, Science + Innovation🕹, Learn… https://t.co/AqDZBLCCvr
Katie doesn't approve of Despacito Baldkook. https://t.co/YoKtvh0467
An Unprecedented Look at a Young Woman’s Face Transplant https://t.co/0VVwtj5mt8 via @NatGeoMag
RT @CoreyKeyz: Nude etiquette is key. When your girl sends you a booty pic or a nude, you gotta lose your mind, act like you’ve ne… https://t.co/Xmf3u97v7f
@Fatheroffour3 @ItsSamG Did I just get adopted?! BEST. DAY. EVER.
RT @aking4news: @karringtonsc dial back the drama, Katie Democrats don't want socialism as much as you want fascism What's notabl… https://t.co/ggH1d6138z
RT @BroderickGreer: Another giant gathered to the Ancestors https://t.co/pXnhZOxFyr
“But if it was Katie “ headass 🙄that shit gets so old bruh
RT @mvictoria422: my life is a constant battle between “dat shit hurted” n “it b like that sometimes” there is no in between
@Katie_Bam We’ll find out in 5 months
RT @MCSDSuper: A5: Support #MiddieLeaders in their journey to take on their 20% Projects. @MiddletownOH @Katie_M_Ritter #Support… https://t.co/4L4Y1a3Tb0
Wanted to try that Herbalife stuff as I’ve seen it being advertised a lot and just found out it’s £130 a month??? Fuck right off lol
RT @contrlbeat: BigHit editors when they realize Jimin didn't wear underwear again and they're gonna have to blur his dick for thir… https://t.co/jncm7Zf0BJ
RT @GratitudeDNA: ใช้หมอทั้งหมด 11 คน และเวลา 31 ชม. ในการผ่าตัดครั้งประวัติศาสตร์ครั้งนี้ อ่านเรื่องราวได้ใน National Geographic… https://t.co/ctjHe8AqGk
RT @EUGENIALAGOSHA: Katie Pavlich - Trey Gowdy: Peter Strzok is the Only Person Responsible For His Firing and He Completely Earned It https://t.co/qfYq5J7URk
@dcborn61 @katie_blazek To read Shakespear, one must know how to read!
RT @ETA_TAU1906: Get these tickets! Or katie gon have to get ya😂 only 5 of these $10 tickets left and they goin like yo favorite tho… https://t.co/nprjEwsGL2