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RT @dj_workflow: why do people turn into the police when it comes to social media
Kat Stacks Irrelevant Af😴 But This Fight Funny 😭 https://t.co/OFU1AH5CPt
Anyway doe... *kat stacks voice*.. Come eat $2 tacos w me & $4 margaritas tomorrow at… https://t.co/vLxFoqKLI4
RT @NicoThePro: My Halloween costume is between Kat Stacks and antione dodson
RT @NicoThePro: What do you call elastic.... Kat Stacks vagina except it dont go back into place
RT @NicoThePro: Bro i want to go on an outing with Kat Stacks
Bro Kat stacks recorded Soulja boy doing coke... like how was they letting this little boogerwoof around them..
@YazzyJP Kat stacks was that bitch..
RT @NicoThePro: Shout out to my girl Kat Stacks...
RT @NicoThePro: Im soo in kat stacks mode
RT @NicoThePro: I want to give a shout out to kat stacks
RT @NicoThePro: And i had to go Kat Stacks on this one dude
RT @NicoThePro: Do anybody else wonder how Kat Stacks brought in the new year.... I do
RT @NicoThePro: Man i hope i see Kat Stacks this weekend....
RT @NicoThePro: Kat Stacks Byyyyyyyytch
RT @NicoThePro: Watching old Kat Stacks videos i miss this kid LMAO
RT @NicoThePro: Anyway though *my Kat Stacks voice http://t.co/rfqLLPSZ
RT @NicoThePro: I want to be just like soulja boy when i grow up......and yess that includes the Kat Stacks part
RT @NicoThePro: My nigga Kat Stacks out ayyye
I'm kat stacks. Im the girl that has the internet going nuts.. yes I'm the girl that fucked the whole young money..
Kat stacks really did jail time..
I'm watching old Kat stacks videos and rethinking my aspirations..
RT @WashedBiz: Never forget when Kat Stacks put Soulja Boy on blast https://t.co/uayJ9bdGYf
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/7tEZvoY3k1 Kat Stacks Calls Promoters The N*Word For Booking Cardi B.