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ding ding, round twenty eight... latest member of the team DJ Faro comes through with a fantastic edition of out m… https://t.co/WdrTp3WHEd
RT @JoeyNotMoss: Zack Kassian reading the Oilers most recent trade. https://t.co/miXNpnpAIy
RT @iamjasonmills: Have to think they'll be looking to move as many of Alex Chiasson, Alex Petrovic. Tobias Rieder, and Kyle Brodziak… https://t.co/k9eVxYS6Pq
Big Daddy Kane added C/LW/RW Travis Konecny, LW/RW Jakub Vrana, dropped RW Zack Kassian, LW/RW Jake DeBrusk
Watching a cool documentary about how Zack Kassian fixed Alex Diagle's career. https://t.co/B48cc4MMir
Heavily debating going to the oilers autograph session tomorrow. I want my Kassian jersey signed!!!!
Oilers lines for the next game I would like to see and leave together for more then 2 shifts would be:… https://t.co/M2kCbM9sPx
Kassian, stroking Leia's hair: you're so tiny and adorable Leia, half asleep: I could literally kick your ass righ… https://t.co/sQ8CRbvPpf
@Official_WEM @EdmontonOilers Bruh switch manning and Gagner plz. I need a picture with both kassian and Gagner
@DTodd94 @EdmontonOilers Sure but should they scratch Kassian so it’s not awkward ?
@JimRoepckeOilrs So you would trade the 1st rd pick prospects and Kassian to save 3 mill on the cap and still not have Duchene next season?
@2__Beers @BuffaloVogl No argument here. It’s simple. It’s scouting & management. Get that fixed & a monkey can coa… https://t.co/yhcAaIJ0uL
@nielsonTSN1260 Is no one talking about any bad blood that could be between him and Kassian?? I haven’t seen it men… https://t.co/bss15ayKVK
@JimRoepckeOilrs Russell and Kassian. Not a chance ott would do that. 1st rd pick would have to be the starting poi… https://t.co/putQMCHoOD
@stcampbell27 @itsrouel Problem with Kassian is he disappears when he doesn’t have a contract renewal coming up or… https://t.co/HZ3P3Br1Ev
@Mr_JJT Yeah, it's more "should they" rather than "can they" question. I think Chiasson might be moveable, maybe Ri… https://t.co/Yqwg3d2sLC
@CameronDayton Kassian was amazing! Hope to hear more of him in the future :)
Hear what Zack Kassian had to say about his recent play
@89SGagner @EdmontonOilers So this means Kassian is getting traded for sure.
Sign a UFA for other ?. At 2020 trade deadline...trade Kassian, Brodziak, Gagner, Cave etc for picks...promote AHL… https://t.co/RcUOAiMjmH
#Oilers ? McDavid Puljujarvi ? RNH Draisaitl Khaira Gagner Kassian Lucic Brodziak Cave Klefbom Larsson Sekera R… https://t.co/SpdZc5fwCt
@Zaximus1 Kassian/Maroon were OK moves, as were a few others, but did not move the needle. And don't come even clos… https://t.co/8KD1kyFvTi
@EdmontonJack Move Lucic and Kassian to the 4th line for Malone and Rattie and at least put some lipstick on this pig.
@OilersNerdAlert Kassian/Maroon moves not good? Hall for Larson wasn’t a bad move in 16/17 when Hall wasn’t listeni… https://t.co/MnrxBkyCch