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Feelers out. Do I follow Kasey and chat up @JanaRikarDWF? Hmm. I wanted to do tag. Don't think they even have that division.
RT @JulienneAngelei: i love being in a healthy relationship
Hiii .. Kasey Summers (sumgotsome) https://t.co/IfX9yU0juZ
- - !!___Kasey Ke Dehaan Main Doba Howa Dil___!! - - !!___Bahany Se MuJhe Bhi TaaL'Ta Hai___!!
RT @SiobhanSmith3: @TheLastLeg #isitok the UK are destroying #midwifery by making it about insurance?even USA is moving away from obgyn care! #savethemidwife
RT @MidwifeVirginia: @TheLastLeg #isitok for @nmcnews to stop me working with 5 day notice after 20 years as midwife #independentmidwives #savethemidwife
RT @MidwifeVirginia: @TheLastLeg #isitok that birth & midwives will go underground because @nmcnews have warped idea of safety? Pass me a shovel #savethemidwife
You know that you must step up your game soon, but for now you... More for Cancer https://t.co/hAJ9FsFPmH
RT @Vanessa_Lovatt: #isitok that @jaquiesmith_nmc mandates a stranger touches my genitals in labour instead of a known & trusted midwife? #savethemidwife
RT @GambleCorrinne: #isitok my dog can choose an experienced, empathic Independent midwife to care for her in labour (me) but my daughter can't? #savethemidwife
RT @BeautifulBirths: @nmcnews @prof_standards @Jeremy_Hunt @millihill one reason why we need choice in maternity care #savethemidwife https://t.co/rqrJhSxtyF
RT @_Jilliannnn: Do you ever just have that connection w/ someone and it's like amazing 😭😻
LaJoie uses wreck, Johnson pitch to land Daytona 500 spot(SPEEDonFOX) https://t.co/Vj2WSQu5Pt
RT @Bella_Bagshawe: @TheLastLeg #isitok that the NMC now means #NoMoreChildren for women unable to have an independent midwife? #savethemidwife
Going, going, gone: NASCAR stars starting to step away(SPEEDonFOX) https://t.co/o4ISklTTI5
RT @DunneMelanie: #isitok that NMC doesn't mean 'Nursing & Midwifery Council' now it means 'No More Choice' #savethemidwife #independentmidwives #mychoice
RT @ValWhitlow: #isitok that @nmcnews did NOT use an actuary to determine whether #independentmidwives have sufficient insurance? #savethemidwife
Hello.. :D kasey sandison (_kaseysandison) https://t.co/mvHtgsrVEz
@hiroyuki_0316 モチベ0ベース。ヲタクのヲタクはほどほどでよい
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