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Kasey Chambers - Christmas Time - https://t.co/QROvUgQRIi
@SHAWNBEHONEST awe kasey thank youπŸ’™
@webb_kasey aye aye, do ya dance, aye, get freaky aye
Btw its Kasey LmAO
@kasey__hamilton I feel that on a spiritual level
@13crj why does this look exactly like something Dad would do πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ https://t.co/CAHVZY0It2
lol just realised that's Kasey Palmer, baller https://t.co/kUHGE0u7PS
@kcmariex We've shared your feedback, Kasey! Stay tuned! ❀️
RT @drugproblem: I can't believe these are candids. Rihanna always looks like she's on set for a photoshoot https://t.co/94uZ2WVl1v
RT @SaidSaleh17: Rihanna dumped Drake... were boutta get Marvin's whole house
@RealJimisSlim She was just like, "oh no, of ALL people to do something stupid to screw Kasey, this is not gonna go over well", lol.
@RealJimisSlim It was the 2014 Atl race & Kyle being Kyle seemed to have cost Kasey a spot in the chase. My GF was preparing to bail me out
RT @NHLNetwork: Taylor Hall is in the house! RETWEET for a chance to win a @hallsy04 autographed puck & see the @NJDevils forward o… https://t.co/9HXFQFn5kD
RT @gIowpro: kasey memes are the best memes @gIowgang
RT @gIowpro: kasey memes are the best memes @gIowgang
RT @Kaylyn_Lee: needed this today.... God is so good https://t.co/0ibiVjzILR
@kasey_mcclain17 I think you're the bestest friend of all timeπŸ’—πŸ’—