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@Joshuabananana 📍letran 📍 MSMSI!! 📍 kASEY HAHAHA
Check out Lissa Kasey's latest release! https://t.co/seiHV7pyDy
RT @K_vajus: To the Mexican who discovered that corn belongs in a cup with butter, mayo, queso fresco, and chile...bless your he… https://t.co/m5o7jy97xS
RT @__jukie: Hey, that’s not what an EMBRYO looks like at 6 weeks, nor is that how large a woman’s belly is. Most women don’t ev… https://t.co/AAc18AKJOl
I look like I’m finna bust out singing kasey musgraves any second now
@devotedcitizen @CNN 1) The dems don’t “kill babies” the SCOTUS did in Kasey v. Planned Parenthood; 2) they don’t p… https://t.co/D5fhGLlOth
The final UT Tyler Sports Hall of Fame inductee of the 2019 class is former @UTTylerWBB standout Kasey Buggs! https://t.co/2bcSey80yy
Congratulations to @UTTylerWBB Kasey Buggs for being inducted into the @uttylerpatriots Hall of Fame!!
RT @ava: Hey @realDonaldTrump, Since you like to intercut speeches and news footage, here’s one that’s actually in context.… https://t.co/sseL9xGz68
Enfield Stop&Shop has a strike outside due to the huge cuts to benefits, bonuses, and hours. In solidarity.
RT @MichaelSkolnik: I was in NYC on 9/11. I watched the towers fall. I saw people jump out of the towers. I lost people I loved. I have… https://t.co/o3zEwtQlvL
@killaKas_ Kasey stop playin..... June you already know!
RT @dreyersports: Had so much fun going to last night’s game to see two former Blinn baseball players now doing their thing in the Te… https://t.co/jYxrjmcFNz
59’: Double change as Nathan Baker and Kasey Palmer replace Eliasson and Taylor. Another former Villa player out there now.
RT @JaniceMattheis: So proud of these @D84Schools teachers today! Great learning and conversation all around. Thank you Kasey Bell… https://t.co/VqMtg0wCpm
@KaseyTheGolden Kasey,, I don't think you'll ever be able to understand how ready I am for everything you make. I'm so excited!
Your aura shines brightly wherever you go today. As far as you... More for Leo https://t.co/lOIX19O2OX
RT @kasey_latta: Help! I Married A Daddy’s Girl !👧🏽#3 💍Marriage Hope Scope #inspire #love #faith @periscopeTV ©️2019 Kasey Latta https://t.co/ymD5svMRcH
RT @kasey_latta: The Unconventional Weapons ⚒Of God #inspire #faith #love #godsquad #365 @periscopeTV ©️2019 Kasey Latta https://t.co/FJEf6eyK5U
RT @taylvr: sometimes things just fucking suck and are terrible and u just have to be like “wow that fucking sucks and is terrible” and move on
Had a dream I was playing Kasey in WWE2K19 and won every time so at least I know it was realistic