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Please RT? #travel #traveller Video: What Happens When Kilian Jornet Meets Karl Egloff https://t.co/ytSVRqc7gH
RT @_iancruz: Anak ng trike driver na si Karl Emmanuel Mercader ng Univ. of Perpetual Help System, top 1 sa March 2017 Physician… https://t.co/9kqficnsHX
Karl Anderson hit sheamus with hacksaw Jim Dugan 2 X 4 #raw
Para ti dueño de panaderia, "El obrero tiene más necesidad de respeto que de pan.-Karl Marx."
@mandemellyn sim, aqui é o fantasma do karl
RT @pedrorhormes: Luke Gallows e Karl Anderson atacaram Sheamus e Cesaro com uma escada. Será? #RAW
Karl Anderson is a big, bald bummer. Luke Gallows is also a person. #RAWPhilly
Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson attacking Cesaro & Sheamus with a ladder?! Darn Tex Ferguson & Chadd 2 Badd! #WWE #RAW
Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson Blind side Sheamus & Cesaro #WwePhiladephia
Karl Anderson was hiding against a wall. #RAW
Luke and Karl are UGLY don't @ me or actually @ me idc they're still ugly
RT @doctora_pignata: Muy nacionales y populares los que insultaron a Macri esta tarde, viven en Holanda. #VinoYChoripanes
RT @EmergencyPuppy: "History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce." —Karl Marx, 1852 https://t.co/5apggaE03R
Luke Gallows e Karl Anderson atacaram Sheamus e Cesaro com uma escada. Será? #RAW
Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson are monsters 😯 #RAW
#RAW Cesaro & Sheamus entrevistados en backstage. Cesaro dice que no defraudará a Mick Foley pero Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson los atacan.
RT @SgtNestor: Centro Cultural El Pepo
Let's give discredit where discredit is due. ― Karl Lehenbauer
#RAW Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson attack Cesaro & Sheamus
"A woman occasionally is muite a serviceableksubstitute for masturbation." Karl Kraus
Logik der Forschung von Herbert Keuth, Karl Popper 1998 https://t.co/ENnIZyVO3z
@clayroutledge Gee, good thing our Founding Fathers did not include protecting feelings within the Bill of Rights.
RT @OdeCarvalho: A piada virou realidade: "Algumas mulheres chegam a ser substitutivos quase satisfatórios da masturbação." ( Karl Kraus)
RT @johnschuhmann: Let's go to George Karl for comment... https://t.co/CWHSohQeTX