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Governance Gambia: What Is Next for Yahya Jammeh - Even a Billion Years Will End https://t.co/HIL3y3FJPw
@Kandi_KayXXX about me we chatted 4 days ago when her and charmaine were on together so please follow me @sherriffofnott1 have a great 2017
@KTRTRS many farmers are suffering heavy losses. I hope TS govt can increase the MSP for kandi and other pulses. #SaveFarmers
@Kandi_KayXXX good morning kandi_kay can i ask will you follow me @sherriffofnott1 im ray i remember you from a longtime ago ask stevielouis
What's your stipper name? — Kandi https://t.co/VXbfUUglww
RT @calistaraelle: My 1st kandi I ever got & the girl tells me "I mean this in the nicest way possible, you just seem a little mischie… https://t.co/yqXru2mTIY
Kandi And Bunnies Hawt Afternoon https://t.co/TvDyyuzhgs
External Relations South Africa: CPJ Calls for Release of Kidnapped South African Journalist Shiraaz Mohamed https://t.co/747VMAwMzo
RT @yamamoto34masa: この度、ナムコスターズに入団することになりました。歴史ある球団にお誘い頂き光栄です!現役復帰ということなのでしっかりと気を引き締めて、体づくりも頑張ります! https://t.co/nXEdOn2JYJ
@NeNeLeakes Please return to RHOA! But make sure they pay you 2 million + if you return! since @Kandi is making almost 1.8 million
RT @GingerCandE: It's amazing just how big of an impact something as small as a bracelet can make. ❤ #kandi #edm #rave #kandikid https://t.co/oXgmh8zjfs
Governance Burundi: Can Burundi Bury the Ghosts of Its Troubled Past? https://t.co/JTPiFaQvJg
tonight's little kandi sesh. 💜 https://t.co/dawTOzOhZW
Ijisho riraguha, aba bageni bari bambaye neza baberewe, nawe tugane tugufashe kuberwa mu birori byawe kandi... https://t.co/KlcGCBkHEC
RT @StephenAtHome: Putin says Trump is popular with the ladies. Makes sense. Why else would 200,000 of them be visiting Washington this weekend?
RT @bayansaleem: و عندما تبدأين أنتِ بنسيانه سيبدأ هو بحبك من جديد..
RT @Anthoology: بعد مرور 45 سنة يعود الزمان بهم ليجمعهم بصورة https://t.co/rnjt14az6f
RT @musanga25: @Yegokigali @EBIGENIMANA @RMbabazi @RwandaYouthICT @rbarwanda @DOTRwanda Urubyiruko rwacu rufite impano zinyuranye kandi nziza z'ejo hazaza
@takimotomtg プレリパックは日本語なんだよなぁ…
@Sgt_Kandi キラン号のチャイ語見たさ〜〜〜、使える神話レア入れたのに2-1は情弱ですね〜
RT @haaybee: If u can't tell, I'm excited for @EDC_LasVegas 💛💖❤️ don't forget, my Etsy has all ur EDC kandi needs!… https://t.co/IA4bf2CoeZ
@Kandi I am also a GA Peach! Kandi I live your realness. ... Drop the mic lol