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Xscape🎤 performing "Just kickin it" on Soul Train 1994 @Kandi @TinyMajorMama @iamlatochahttps://t.co/1JQDw5Jqa9
Gahunda ya #heforshe abaturage ba @NYAMAGABE Barayisobanukiwe kandi bashyigikiye abakobwa muri #Tvet #RwOT @InfoWda
@Kandi good day. If you and Todd every thought about doing another stage play. Please consider my novel as the one.… https://t.co/lSVirjJNJd
Just want to thank all the fans for the love and support of the R&B group Xscape🎤 @Kandihttps://t.co/x9Jt7qHbqN
Selamat jalan Kak Tory... pulanglah kerumah… (w/ boan, Ceta, & 3 others at SAN DIEGO HILLS MEMORIAL PARK) [pic] — https://t.co/EO0YGd4dWX
Business Tanzania: Power Producers Advised Against Overcharging Clients https://t.co/pLbPxBcgVU
Governance East Africa: 'Effective Strategies Can Prevent Genocide and Human Rights Violations' https://t.co/XAGmbmAE29
Business Tanzania: Country On the Verge of Facing Acute Meat, Milk Shortage https://t.co/OqQwDPJSYc
Arts Angola: Angola and Morocco Discuss Cultural Relations Reinforcement https://t.co/lEG8eWFUAd
@Kandi_KayXXX morning Kandi hope ur well bub and keeping ok xxxx
@IRaeOfSunshine congratulations Rae ❤️👑😘
RT @Yung_Morty: since there's all this electric forest hype, throwback to giving a cop his first kandi day 1 last year!… https://t.co/8swnkF4VZ8
@Fiona_Kamikazi Our first lady ni mwiza cyane pe. Kandi na Imbuto Foundation ifite ibikorwa byiza especially mugutegura u Rwanda rwejo.
Ya know just sending emails at 2am and crying at the ending of The Office because Jim and Pam 😭😭😍😭😭