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RT @STRAYEDAWAY: This is a 36 week old baby. If you agree with Killary, that aborting babies at this age is okay; you agree with mur… https://t.co/w6EpzGLHhj
@BrysonByrd8 in the spin off coming out?? Or the next movie
@laurenshibas kalish used this as a prototype for overdrive lol
Seeing kalish was my fav part of going to the football game
RT @Lin_Manuel: All of us are more than one thing. -@leslieodomjr #HamildocPBS
Completely obsessed with the making of Hamilton and the genius that is @Lin_Manuel #HamildocPBS
Skynet has become self aware
RT @SHAQ: A guy just asked me if i twitter, hell yeaaaaa baby
College teaches you to not take showering without shower shoes for granted
RT @IAmSteveHarvey: I've been reading ur tweets...appreciate the love. listen, dont let nobody dim your light ok? They only mad cuz the… https://t.co/hkwKlKGy3s
"The end of the world" by Nathan Kalish. https://t.co/cHd3jG0au4
RT @bobsaget: It's such a good feeling to help other people... out of their underpants.
RT @honestyredacted: Relationships held together by RTs. Reminds me of the sacred bond between the head and the ass. https://t.co/xEVKoZB7dy