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Sweet Artistic creation for all Valentines' ! <3 Courtesy of Helen Kagan Healing Arts... Enjoy! :) https://t.co/GyVAOElJSD
RT @BrookingsInst: A “crisis of confidence” has emerged in the liberal enlightenment project, writes Robert Kagan… https://t.co/iX1nrcbKiV
RT @DanielTenne: @twopauq @lghsbluezoo you guys might need one after getting fucked in the ass
RT @masonflatley: Good game boys, blue zoo made us proud 🔵⚪️. Congrats to Granville on making it this far and a terrific season and good luck in the future!
Bu ülkenin halkları arasındaki bağları koparmak için her görüşten insan öyle çok çaba sarfediyor ki, insan dehşete düşüyor. Biz kardeştik 😢
MUSCLEBULL Kagan Yalaman Excalibur Bodybuilding Show https://t.co/sK0I1oxm66
Happy Valentine's Day to all...<3 Courtesy of Helen Kagan Healing Arts :) https://t.co/BJiaUMDtlR
@janette_milton Neocon PNAC was founded by Bill Kristol &Robert Kagan in 1997. They called 4 catalyzing event –like… https://t.co/7YeBESAafx
This is specifically in reference to Robert Kagan getting agitated at Foreign Policy: https://t.co/CfBoY2ZSVL
RT @UnivisionSalud: "Nadie quiso ayudar a Kagan, entonces decidí darle mi riñón", Oswaldo Rayo. ➡️https://t.co/SHD4ue7tIL⬅ https://t.co/Pa5JfwBy7H
Mosaic Table by Vladimir Kagan | From a unique collection of antique and modern end tables at http:/ https://t.co/UCmvn2qVSM
RT @Ruben_dal: Limit Climhazard hit 1 and hit 2 are active on frame 9-10, you can either hit with both hits on the same frame or d… https://t.co/HlRPmQHZEx
@HoboJoeSSB don't make me regret following you.
RT @GenclikCK: Gençlik Çalışma Konseyi olarak Olağan Yönetim Kurulu Toplantımızı gerçekleştirdik. #genclikcalismakonseyi… https://t.co/QFtkuMIJb5
@HEYITSAMAURY ya until you get licked and have nothing so u die
Trained 72 #Horry County SC educators the past two days on #Kagan Coaching. Amazing leadership team learning a powerful support system.
@NickkPicard reflecting on my past mistakes while baked
that's y I'm marrying a dentist :)
education is SO important