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Larry Kaganさんの作品シャードーアート くしゃくしゃになった針金に光を当てると影が… https://t.co/WiyabNQHSV
@Pepper_Ann6262 @Adamtheactivist LOL It's been the Kagan/Nuland, Brzezinski Neocons.... LOL...
I'm no quitter but I'm tired of fighting
RT @AliciaGoku_: Me: I'm on my period Him: Ya mouth not https://t.co/1Y0CZV9PBL
@autohugo soña con tu presidente Scioli flor de forro hasta los qfabrican forros se kagan de risa de tu inteligente… https://t.co/FHrOlQ2d8i
#PayTV has lost record 1.3 million subscribers so far this year https://t.co/fKUMJy3wyy
Pay TV has lost record 1.3M subs so far this year, SNL Kagan says https://t.co/kRg1igRPta
I want a thigh tat so bad I might just cave in
Could this be Trump trying to form a path for Cruz to get to S. Court? Remember, Kagan was Obama's Solicitor Gen,… https://t.co/suCsw0cI5e
No I don't like PNAC Bob Kagan or his Benghazi lying wife, Nuland
#TWOTCW A3, promote st purposeful talk, stems, DOK, Kagan, an environment of 2way communication with Ts and St… https://t.co/6x7DUwCSGk
@RichardLooby His CV makes him almost identically well qualified (or badly qualified) as Elena Kagan, one of Obama's appointments
RT @emmaaocchiuzzo: can't just dip from someone's life and come back whenever you please
@billclinton IN RE KAGAN, NULAND & CLINTON: PENDENTE LITE “Of all manifestations of power, restraint impresses men the most.” ― Thucydides
RT @tam3172: North Wayne New Teacher Academy: Student Engagement & Kagan Structures! @BrittonWayneNWE @WayneTwpSuper @Ncaulfield1 https://t.co/MKE0uuBEfv
Aslanlar kendi hikayelerini yazmadıkça avcıların kahramanlık hikayelerini dinlemek zorundayız...
Others he has accused of aiding shariah takeover include: Elena Kagan & Chris Chirstie. He also thinks Timothy McVe… https://t.co/SeXWU2DjZO
@Alyssaa_Johnson @nyasiasamazing @Stephlopes28 i'll try it and see if it helps my situation
@nyasiasamazing @Stephlopes28 @Sasha_Kagan it has to be a lifestyle not a temporary thing
@oksanakagan i'm her only prized possession