RT @USATODAYmoney: A phone that catches on fire will do this to your company: Samsung's reputation takes big hit, poll finds. https://t.co/Rmwxr81HuQ
An hour to go... If you know me u know how EXCITED I am to watch #wifey @JLo on @TheEllenShow today... #jlo ❤❤ https://t.co/aUE8aJpsFH
indiatvnews: End to big fat Kashmiri weddings: J-K govt imposes curbs on expenses, guest list in functions https://t.co/nDLAF6j1lt
I'll go out on a limb and say the product the guy from the U.K. wants Janelle to endorse isn't birth control. #TeenMom2
RT @YEAHLIL7: Focus on what matters 🙇🏽
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@Europe1 à la fois pas tres juste k'on entende k1 partie des candidats,même si certains ont moins d'intérêt ke d'autres
I love looking at Victoria's Secret models on Instagram whilst I stuff my face with carbs😑😑🐷
RT @TheClashFiles: Happy birthday to @KGHPodcast and congrats to @k_farmhouse on their level 8 war!
RT @sejkou: I ain't into daddy kink but if Hoseok asked me to call him daddy then I'd fucken tattoo daddy Hoseok on my forehead in a heartbeat I'm not k
@FredrickDoss Look, if given the option for useless grandstanding based on not understanding an issue the GOP in #moleg can't resist.
Ur feminist bf unfollowed me long ago cuz he cant handle tweets on his TL that are critical of men. They ruin his day. Remind him hes trash.
@sardesairajdeepMrRajdeep!u r FAST losing ur admirers lik ME,by ur VISIBLE PROPENSITY nw 2sit on aFENCE&appear NEUTRAL-wht abt BJP-PDP inJ&K
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the parent company that owns bk and tim hortons just bought out popeyes but can't fuckin open tim hortons on the west coast k
Check out my profile on #Wattpad, I'm Asta Cecilia K https://t.co/Lg9Wux1hwm
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RT @caitylotzarmy: Ladies (k)night(s)! Brand new episode of #LegendsofTomorrow tonight at 9/8c on The CW! https://t.co/Uhro9qCIgs
RT @ChrisDonohue12: By chance, did MSM cover this or did Twit to tell them to focus attention on him? https://t.co/XtBzAAWpOH
RT @ohteenquotes: I need someone who won't give up on me, no matter how many times I mess up.
@SpencerKK_ @k_polson11 I can't even get my dog to let me pet her and you have a bird sitting on your hand. I'm jealous.