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(((ON AIR))) "Wild Flower" by K-Ci Hailey! https://t.co/kpOvA9rri2
Now playing All My Life by K-Ci & Jojo!
RT @classicfm911: #NowPlaying If You Think You're Lonely Now - K-Ci #SaturdayExpress with @MizterDavid #CoversSamplesAndOriginals… https://t.co/APdlXPhu1B
RT @aVeryRichBish: In the winter of 1992, Mary started dating K-Ci from Jodeci. They were one of the first celebrity music couples of… https://t.co/MUK4MKAM7T
RT @aVeryRichBish: Their relationship brought out the best and worse in each other. One time at a show, Mary was throwing bottles beca… https://t.co/vd6pw6fmzH
RT @aVeryRichBish: It was even rumored that Mary and T-Boz from TLC got into a fist fight over K-Ci on tour https://t.co/p6AvRsjFrx
RT @aVeryRichBish: With all of Mary's problems , her and K-Ci tried to fix their relationship by getting engaged. While Mary was happy… https://t.co/ouUsIgRu4i
RT @aVeryRichBish: After years of abuse and turmoil, Mary finally ended things with K-Ci. https://t.co/qSSDuib15I
RT @aVeryRichBish: Mary ended her relationship with K-Ci and put her pain into the 1997 album, Share My World. https://t.co/RFuoeqtRlT
Mobbin to E-40 - Rappers' Ball (feat. Too Short & K-Ci) on https://t.co/S3HsBA7Cq4 #Bayarea #onlineradio #nowplaying
Keith Sweat - How Many Ways (Audio) ft. K-Ci https://t.co/bEPiFcBM3N via @YouTube 💖💖
K-Ci & JoJo - All My Life [Radio Edit] https://t.co/AxPrYzPQFt #ListenLive
RT @paymewinehouse: Honestly, who hasn’t sang all my life by k-ci and jojo to their food before eating it?
#NowPlaying Wanna Do You Right by K-Ci And Jojo
#TrafficAvenue with @KofiAshon Now playing K-Ci & Jojo's You bring e up
Life - K-Ci and Jojo. 💜🎶
K-Ci & JoJo - You Bring Me Up (Johnny J Remix) https://t.co/YO21VKOQbL #listenlive#blacktwitter https://t.co/AaUuabGsXg
K-Ci & JoJo - You Bring Me Up (Johnny J Remix) https://t.co/YO21VKOQbL #listenlive#blacktwitter
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/8YUqBizdUu 90s RnB mix Nice & Slow Jams Vol 3 ★Babyface,Aaliyah,R Kelly,K-ci &
RT @OGKeithSweat: That feeling you get when Alexa’s plays a little Keith Sweat… Have you heard my new single “How Many Ways” feat K-C… https://t.co/9MzO5qgLyS
Agora na Melody 94.1: K-CI & JOJO - ALL MY LIFE
RT @KelpThe: Black Panther’s Ryan Coogler, Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o and K-artist Eric Nam sing K-Ci &… https://t.co/Lf5YE47LCn