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생존자는 한 명뿐이야?
RT @AlexisCoe: I wish there was a website, “Where does their money come from?”
왜. 뭐? 말해.
RT @ASLuhn: A video of the moment that the 2nd through 5th floors of the St Petersburg IT university began to collapse. 20 or m… https://t.co/8is6LeGk5t
RT @ShelbyHintze: Said in the voice of the dad from My Big Fat Greek Wedding: give me a “disability perk,” any disability perk and I’… https://t.co/OXMkgvZr8j
RT @brockwilbur: Pretty excited to download this app that will monitor my movements and my data and HOW FAST I CAN RUN. Clearly, no… https://t.co/4C3E8qbJdC
والله عندي٣ خوات كل حياتهم خاص يعني ابد ابد م يرسلون ستوري و ٢٤ ساعه يرسلون لي عالخاص حتى لو شاشه سوداء ، يعني اشيا… https://t.co/i2FQ4mmWrV
RT @twitchyspoonie: I'm literally not legally allowed to, so I'd say so. https://t.co/BFTJL81Co1
RT @sltrib: In his letter to the editor, Jon from Millcreek is shocked the Utah Division of Water Resources opposes a bill that… https://t.co/EyRShaLwFm