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#OpenFollow Justin Bieber Loses Ladies' Man Magic, 'Annoyed' Sofia Richie, 'Blamed' For Selena Gomez… https://t.co/CQVcuS6epm #beibers
It went from doors off the jeep weather to listening to Justin Beibers mistletoe album in a span of two days...
asif me little sisters made hr self a account on me xbox n names her self justin beibers girlfriend the little freak https://t.co/BBdYos58og
Mad respect to the person playing Justin beibers "baby" in my apartment complex rn. They must not fear man or god
justin beibers cover to fast car is the best thing i've ever heard
#OpenFollow Justin Bieber Tells Fans He Can "Cut the Bulls--t" If They Don't Want to Listen to Him Talk in… https://t.co/BVen8nLCqW #beibers
#OpenFollow Selena Gomez 'Miserable' After Jennifer Aniston Rehab Visit, 'Blames' Justin Bieber For… https://t.co/ICAXyzxyZq #beibers
#OpenFollow Emilia Clarke Buys Venice Pad; Justin Bieber Lives It Up in London - Observer https://t.co/tgd7JibM40 #beibers
"lol beibers card getting declined at subway... I fucking feel you, justin" -@laurenjacobso this is going to get me through today😂
I swear Justin Beibers twin just walked in to my work ..... I mean TWIN . I wish I would've taken a picture lls.
#OpenFollow Justin Bieber slated by fans after he scolds them for talking during Manchester show - The Sun https://t.co/0oPze6JFVv #beibers
#OpenFollow Justin Bieber Ditching Sofia Richie And Selena Gomez For Kendall Jenner? - The Inquisitr https://t.co/WGc7XhgEHJ #beibers
RT @hazeldol: The amount of 358712 second stories of Justin beibers concert I'm going to see on my Snapchat tonight omg
#OpenFollow Justin Bieber BOOED as he scolds crowd for talking at his Birmingham concert - Daily Mail https://t.co/WBCP6RPtEr #beibers
#OpenFollow Justin Bieber branded 'rude' after he blasts fans for TALKING during first gig in Manchester -… https://t.co/QG3hNlKxWZ #beibers
#OpenFollow Justin Bieber branded 'rude' after he blasts fans for TALKING during first gig in Manchester -… https://t.co/7twTqfY6QH #beibers
#OpenFollow Man accused of selling fake Justin Bieber tickets facing charges - Globalnews.ca https://t.co/ftsIkYBThO #beibers
Spent an eternity watching all these Justin beibers SC story's 🤕
#OpenFollow A Brief History Of Justin Bieber Ordering And Eating Food - https://t.co/AtKt5ErIJr https://t.co/oeRYK61cvk #beibers
#OpenFollow Justin Bieber Resurfaces on Instagram Through Rory Kramer's 'Purpose' Tour Photo -… https://t.co/gldocutWEE #beibers
#OpenFollow Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Relationship 'Not Yet Over'; Exes's Conversations Hint Possible… https://t.co/EI7lExSBFJ #beibers
It's dope that Khalil(Justin Beibers Bestfriend) wants every color of my hoes mad hats 🤘🏽🌴🔥
So people really like justin beibers music enough to wear the mercy???