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RT @urperfectbiebs: Lo outfits de Justin ultimamente son vida https://t.co/0qu0pTNlD6
RT @wspomnieniazjb: #50. Kiedy Justin całował manekina w programie "Saturday Night Live" u Jimmy'ego Fallona 😂 https://t.co/aKViNX6V94
Love Yourself - Cover by Conchita feat. Severin Trogbacher - Justin Bieber https://t.co/kCGK4QsNkb
RT @CausandoRisas: Si los fans de Justin Bieber son beliebers... ¿los fans de Chris Brown son brownies?
Só vou baixar um justin bieber p viagem
RT @BiebsCrewBr: Retweet this if you are here to support Justin! #7YearsOfBaby #BestFanArmy #Beliebers #iHeartAwards https://t.co/6ZHQtmgd88
RT @biebersmaniacom: Nova/ atinga foto de Justin Bieber na Purpose Tour, fotografado por Rory Kramer. #BestFanArmy #iHeartAwards… https://t.co/CEBGVr26JM
RT @caropoetic: justin bieber: -me encantan sus canciones -no me caae tan bien -aunque no sea navidad, mi disco fav de él es: "Under the Mistletoe"
RT @BieberBoners_: Justin singing his verse in deja vu should never die 😍 https://t.co/awz0YEF9op
@cristystweets_ @sitemaytar well I did tell Justin that I would take him to Monterey one of these days cause he's never been there
RT @DrayySmith: Justin: hey Darren. Why don't they ever play the Cupid Shuffle at Union ?
RT @JBItalianCrew: Nuovo record per Justin Bieber che, per la prima volta in 11 anni, è l'unico artista maschile nominato ai Grammy in… https://t.co/WG1tO0Y8e8
RT @biebersmaniacom: Justin Bieber na igreja Hillsong, em Los Angeles, CA - 18 de Janeiro. #BestFanArmy #iHeartAwards #Beliebers https://t.co/V7sBgGiOC4
RT @Jastinbeebir: 7 years ago Justin released this masterpiece "Baby" throwback to this #Beliebers #iHeartAwards #BestFanArmy https://t.co/ymle3c0kaq
RT @SF_Rising: Bay Area Resist Trump march is happening this Friday, RAIN OR SHINE! Join us at Justin Herman Plaza from 9am. #SF… https://t.co/ozGImObDPB
RT @FlorDeBelieber: "Justin hoy en los Ángeles, California" Esta mujer tiene mas suerte que todo el fandom junto 😭 #Beliebers… https://t.co/05E0dt2uEg
in 8th grade r5 came to my school and preformed and i was absent :))))) THANK GOD it wasn't justin i would have killed myself
Justin Bieber 911 Call from Paparazzi Chase Real Confirmed https://t.co/3XvtSlpQ7W https://t.co/HAdO8n94Vp
RT @JDBVoteSpree: Bringing back this iconic 'Justin X #Beliebers' from Believe movie on the occasion of Beliebers Day! #BestFanArmy… https://t.co/U6XXpnm2MJ