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hailey con el merch de justin >>>>>> a concept to admire https://t.co/eVW05CxpWX
@JusAnderson1 Mr. Anderson- look at what pops up when you google “Justin Anderson fights”. You ain’t afraid of nobo… https://t.co/fVqf9ImuHJ
@TomMoorePhilly you cant be using initials like that Tom. i saw JB and immediately though JImmy Butler, then remembered we have bayless
RT @ughlouxs: mañana vuelvo a escuchar a justin yASSS https://t.co/rMLKpsHtg1
I mean tirarle huevos a tus vecinos no es un DELITO GRAVE pero si eres Justin Bieber cualquier cosa para sacarte di… https://t.co/BZLQViaN2p
@TravelLatte @ABritSoutherner Definitely Antigua, which has all kinds of cool architecture, museums, cobblestone st… https://t.co/rEOrofXS32
RT @qazimzim: Realised that.. Selena Gomez = SG Justin Bieber = JB Singapore = SG Johor Bahru = JB SG x JB has always had an… https://t.co/YMkDwHSf1j
who else besides Justin Trudeau NEEDS RCMP Bodyguards in Canada ? https://t.co/9NMhNlr5WQ
RT @MinghaoBrasil: [#TRAD] 19.07.2018 • Atualização do #Justin no Weibo “Grande Tin e pequeno tinbao Papai sentiu saudades Papai ama… https://t.co/rc291u6cOY
RT @biebsftlife: can’t even lie this was one of the funniest things Justin gave us 💀 https://t.co/GkFTRyOh4Q
RT @hondadeal4vets: In need of an emo shawty
RT @oopskidraxhl: Cuando Justin sonríe así me parece lo más puro del mundo https://t.co/AywHXCwl3Z
RT @likeazombie: o justin bieber acabado e com cabelo ensebado é estudante de universidade federal já o jaden smith é comparado com… https://t.co/l5pFehOaj0
i love love justin with all my heart
RT @GartrellLinda: After Wave of 30,000 Migrants Seeking Asylum since 2017, Canada Appoints a Border Security Minister Justin, are yo… https://t.co/W52ERkzxmj
RT @biebercitei: justin dançando para os fãs que cantavam "love me" foi um dos melhores momentos da purpose tour, eu amo meu jeliebe… https://t.co/eClKlSdU0f
RT @hanxine: i say this every couple of months but justin bieber really snapped on journals
hailey: gostosona justin: bieber https://t.co/DDrLA5vHzN
[#HQ] 19.07.18 #Justin no aeroporto de Changsha Huanghua. Cr: FocusOnJustin https://t.co/wMlNvPP0d9
RT @makesacrifices: me at age 12 defending Justin Bieber from cyberbullies https://t.co/JPigrsUzyg
RT @JerryRatcliffe: Former Wahoo Justin Anderson has been traded to the Atlanta Hawks. #UVa