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The 5 Extra Words That Can Fix The 2nd Amendment, by Justice Stevens: https://t.co/qZ5Gsc7UcR | #2a #gunsense #guncontrol #gunviolence #guns
@97Musick @NightmarEclipse @ProfessorF @tedcruz @DamerGad Trumps' position aligns with Justice Stevens in Kelso vs New London
Justice Stevens has an excellent legal summary of the history behind the amendment and its words' meanings in contemporary law. @1Harbinger
@johnnydeim0s @OPiMeme this is not the current court. Justice Stevens has retired. Replaced by Justice Kagan. Unsure of corporate logos.
why does justice stevens have to ruin every argument that could possibly have cleared up civpro
Justice Stevens once said that he didn't think the current Court would decide Brown v Board of Education the same way. Depressing obv today
FFM: Justice Stevens Proposed Campaign Finance Amendmen... https://t.co/W38VWtrCTG
@Popehat Re: sticks post. Any thoughts on former Justice Stevens' "add five words" to 2nd Amendment idea? https://t.co/CzQfn0RBPk
Justice Stevens Pens Six Amendments to Tune-Up Constitution https://t.co/0Z6AbRP6KL
Thoughtful, pithy & sensible proposed amendments to the U.S. Constitution that would better disalign law & politics: https://t.co/gp9BXZ08yT
Justice Stevens - How to fix the Second Amendment https://t.co/oNRCX21Zk5
Justice Stevens Pens Six Amendments to Tune-Up Constitution https://t.co/TqEiNBE2UB