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@AnnCoulter Ann, would you initiate a petition for a @realDonaldTrump - Putin meeting (with live press conference) to take place ASAP?
RT @MgaLalakingKNs: PSY - Yna and Angelo G2B - Chichay and Joaquin Yung sa ASAP LSS awww 😭 #KathNielASAPFEBorito
RT @shotnicko: quand tu veux aller chercher quelque chose à manger dans la cuisine mais y'a des invités https://t.co/2NtL06NWaA
RT @ABSCBN: THIS IS DEFINITELY REAL! Two ultimate performers in just one stage! #ASAPFEBorito https://t.co/QFFhkbo0ng https://t.co/ZcotdVYoVn
RT @ChikkanessAve: Ylona Garcia celebrates birthday on ASAP Chill Out #ASAPFEBorito: https://t.co/C8J7Vx55O5 via @YouTube
RT @Official_DRTS: Daniel Padilla at ASAP ChillOut. ❤️✌🏻️💙 #KathNielASAPFEBorito https://t.co/0kE0JPXQU1
RT @sophia_swift23: ASAP IT Girls Opening Prod that's our girl @lizasoberano!!! 😘❤️🔥👏🏻 #KCAPinoyStar #LizaSoberano https://t.co/c4V4XWgCvz
Incredibly exciting! Getting so many ideas for the #vikinganimals exhibit at @Reykjavik871. Need to build a digital… https://t.co/kd3H5sJ8R7
RT @ABSCBNNews: Kapamilya actresses open 'ASAP' with Spice Girls number https://t.co/t3epxDIN2x https://t.co/uVrMowx9Fv
RT @gannea07: Hindi ako fan ni kath. Pero tingin ko siya pinakamaganda sa Asap it girls. Pinakatalented naman si janela. #ASAPFEBorito #justsaying
내가 교회에서 갑작스럽게 기도했는데 짧던 말던 뭔상ㅇ솬이야
RT @fidgetly: They are called 🚨 @fidgetly 🚨 and they are only $15 😱 BUY ONE NOW 👉 https://t.co/8L3xPVCHyl 👈 I need to get o… https://t.co/peNaBuZNMy
@ghostblock1300 this liffy bm call me asap 267 875 8972
An unresolved emotional issue may explode into awareness, prom... More for Taurus https://t.co/NRoPc4A40P
RT @HouseP0rn: I need to relax somewhere like this ASAP 😌 https://t.co/DfKyVRW4ci
RT @elihopya: ASAP IT Girls Opening Prod that's our girl!!! 😘❤️🔥👏🏻 cto sophia #KCAPinoyStar #LizaSoberano https://t.co/u4WjVCvCA5
RT @bettybeth4: After ASAP, work again for Janella. Pictorial. https://t.co/bFX9W8NLwW