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eu li "#BTS WORLD TOUR ‘LOVE YOURSELF’" e meu coração parou, amada não faz isso cmg não https://t.co/LK4T4IIUmf
RT @Paula_White: Sometimes your second chance love is better because you weren't ready the first time... #SecondChance #love
RT @philbertdy: Okay Jadines, the weird tweet reposting of my Never Not Love You review can stop now. I reposted the text on Letter… https://t.co/BsQ3DivKJD
RT @TheManUtdWay: Love how Ander Herrera went over to Alexis at full time. He mentioned post match how impressed he was with how hard… https://t.co/iq5dTkayg1
RT @fidel_Ke: Between Yesterday's mistakes and Tomorrow's hope, there's a fantasy called TODAY ☺ Live it!! Love it!!! It's your day 🌟 🌟
Nnaww just kidding bao2 love you💕 — hahahahahha loveyoumore babe❤️ https://t.co/hSelyiGVMQ
I got too much love fa the red bones
RT @ARuFa_FARu: 文房具の容器に食べ物を入れておいて仕事中におもむろに食べ始めると、お腹も膨れるしヤバいやつだと思われて余計な仕事も振られなくなるのでオススメです https://t.co/OSjwfCiIMT
RT @ri_____lvtr: 動画配布〜👏👏 Love-tune クリスマス動画 sendanywhereにて 欲しい方いたらリプください✉ DM飛んでいきます🤸‍♀️ 動画自体のURLも欲しければ言ってください🙆‍♀️ https://t.co/paY2AgLnla
@ARMY03190115 ASAMIさん、ツアー最終まで掛け声をまとめてくださり、心から感謝申し上げます🌸Loveの掛け声が上手く出来なくて落ち込んでいた時、ASAMIさんの愛情のこもった動画を見て思わずウルっときた事を思い出し… https://t.co/zpqOqC34HL
RT @Slick_Nick7: RIP brother, the fact some stupid fucking drugs took you away from us makes me sick to my stomach. I love you Wyatt… https://t.co/CW56CXvYDk
RT @arcadeyblog: K-pop songs I can’t stop playing rn iKON - I’m OK GFRIEND - Sunrise Hyomin - U Um U Um Hwasa - Twit ONF - Must B… https://t.co/9AwNverBlK
RT @uncooldana: Girlfriend couldn't remember "punching bag" so she came up with "insult pillow", and I love it
RT @RealVIXX: 나는 로빅이다. #레오 요원이 참여한 <공간 Space Project> ‘FEEL LOVE’ 음원이 조금 전 음원사이트를 통해 공개되었다. 음원사이트 스트리밍⭐다운로드로 별빛파워를 보여주길 바란다! [이상,… https://t.co/1OUptit6wv
RT @xvvvier: i’m embarrassed at how naive and vulnerable i was with people who could NEVER reciprocate or even understand my love
RT @SisterCleaire: 「チカっとチカ千花っ♡ 」 あまりにも可愛すぎて歌ってしまいました。 アニメ公式HPはこちら▷ https://t.co/VLnwPBwtuJ シスタークレアのチャンネルはこちら https://t.co/iwFoj0LZ5O https://t.co/lDpj4F6XIJ
@BADDESTKam Omg I’m so overwhelmed from all this love 😭💕