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RT @btschartdata: 'FAKE LOVE' MV has surpassed 5 MILLION likes on Youtube, their second MV to achieve this. @BTS_twt
RT @MOEJEAcwand: Goodluck @superjanella sa movie mo! And gusto ko lang sabihin na ang galing galing mo! Galing mo mag pa tawa! HAHA!… https://t.co/hkgpyXtc0A
RT @minseokpics: MINSEOKS JOKES WE LOVE A COMEDIAN https://t.co/A06CSikgIo
RT @belanotpadilla: Not a fan but i think i just fell in love. He's so cute. God. 😭💗 https://t.co/ZAWRXx2ZUA
RT @nabidreamer: "Te amo tão loucamente, te amo tão loucamente Que tento me apagar e me tornar seu boneco" — Fake Love Essa é exata… https://t.co/EpbW6xPpHi
可愛いニャンの画像だニャ! リツイートしてみんなに癒しを与えてニャ! #ねこ  #ネコ #猫 #癒し #リツイート https://t.co/AxPAogJFYF
RT @PETTYMAMII: relationships aren’t always 50/50. some days a person will struggle. u suck it up and pick up that 80/20 cause they need u. that's love.
RT @ikonic_id: [180519] Official Videos of #iKON at Yonsei University’s Akaraka Festival •Love Scenario:… https://t.co/6tSvmoJEvt
RT @AyoTristan: When you love your dog, but ball is still life https://t.co/KL2i7fQ6rI
RT @pandoramusic: K-pop sensations and #BBMAs Top Social Artist Award winners @BTS_twt have a message for you! https://t.co/MD0Wr4RRP8 https://t.co/h5puVpkbUk
4️⃣: hey cousin, i love you.
RT @K_longggg13: Unpopular opinion: instead of judging or laughin at a girl thats in a unhealthy relationship or sayin she looks stu… https://t.co/HhUk25ilcV
RT @grxcia: y’all love goofy girls until we start arguing and I bust out laughing and now you big mad
RT @SandeepParekh: Tears and love from 1.2 billion. :( https://t.co/A85c7XapLY
difficult to love, but that’s okay.
RT @btsjimin03_: DNA holds the record of being the fastest Korean MV to reach 100M views on Youtube in just 24 days. Fake Love has n… https://t.co/QdH4wcfybu
RT @dinahsflicker: fake love is sO GOOD WHAT THE F WORD
Love the people that love you!! https://t.co/v2uBdDMXmG
RT @KingThandie: Person: I love the way you think, I wonder what goes on in your mind The only 2 brain cells left in my mind: https://t.co/qUbT1YoBAo
@Bockfestbusguy @CHRIS_Daughtry @Mrsdaughtry I know you're bummed about missing the show, but we should try not to… https://t.co/lYD33jPN9R