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Cool! No. 11 in todays #DnB Chart is #BennyL - Bullfighter (Serum remix) - https://t.co/v0VlUaXUxF #juno #top10
I probably should be watching Raw, just in the last minute hope they can do something to make me give a damn about #Wrestlemania. Doubt it..
@ashlee_juno never done it... asking for a friend.. 🙄😒 https://t.co/qFMAWZBEi9
.@justinbieber needs your vote for JUNO Fan Choice Award presented by @TD_Canada! Vote now. Vote often! https://t.co/lCF8BqptWz
RT @Bkstg: 1 week until @TheJUNOAwards ‣ RT to vote @justinbieber for JUNO Fan Choice Award #JFCJustinBieber https://t.co/TLuerJTy9e
i just cant wait for the weekend for juno cup, and fanfare AND POTENTIALLY MEETING SHAWN IF I GET MY SHIT TOGETHER
@lalipolaroids manjar ahre no te juno
RT @free_touring: Festival Madrid Es Negro. HOY a las 22h 🎺 Juno & Darrell + Madrid es Negro DJs🎺 @ElIntrusoMadrid… https://t.co/0DWUo3XT2A
RT @jidan_no_jouken: 酒が飲める 酒が飲める 酒が飲めるぞ 酒が飲める 飲めるぞ 酒が飲めるぞ 酒が飲める 酒が飲める 酒が飲めるぞ 酒が飲める 疲れからか 不幸にも 黒塗りの高級車に 追突してしまう 後輩をかばいすべての責任を負った三浦に対し、車の主、暴力団員谷岡に言い渡された示談の条件とは…。
RT @morinaga_pino: 【新商品「ピノ 熟成抹茶」本日より全国にて発売!】 お待たせいたしました。「ピノ 熟成抹茶」が本日から全国発売☆ ぜひお試しくださいね♪ https://t.co/4E0cNAt4Qo https://t.co/cBlP2U7oKW
1 week away until the Juno Awards! Vote Justin Bieber for the JUNO Fan Choice by visitin... https://t.co/ZaRusQpGra https://t.co/M2qVCqPER4
RT @entabejp: 1,000RT 明治ザ・チョコレート初の抹茶味!2層構造の「明治ザ・チョコレート<深遠なる旨味抹茶>」 https://t.co/ohbamIkYFp #抹茶 #チョコ https://t.co/0oIQfp4s3h
RT @NASAJuno: My latest #Jupiter science flyby is complete. All science instruments + #JunoCam were operating to collect data… https://t.co/DNeTxgzfxk
RT @purpousetour: 64. Lembra quando Justin cantou "baby" com Drake no Juno Awards 2010 https://t.co/BSprwETt90
Girl: Kaia/Juno Boy: Tate/Ezra https://t.co/ueaDKAL2MP