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今コード巻いて計ったからほぼ正確な俺のウエストだよ!!! https://t.co/xyWn5T78qB
@Ryumoau_Juno Exposing the lies that led one of the most misguided military ventures in US history, I think, is a noble cause.
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/MFyJiI4ldn Old school Tribal House with TR-909, TR-727, Juno-60, and Midiverb
RT @eeners: USA Today seems to be the only publication using Bradley's picture Obama commutes sentence of Chelsea Manning https://t.co/vlpMk3C3V3
@jaztorrillas2 cuando estábamos peleados y fuimos a la plaza y el estaba ahí y yo te dije "nolomiresnolomires" y me llamó y me abrazó refuer
Ride-Hailing Drivers Are Slaves to #UBER the Surge peanut wages- https://t.co/09nehlgaZx https://t.co/ak1Qsf7Zym
RT @sihleymyrus: Concept: I am consistently getting enough sleep. I maintain a healthy diet and eat regularly, and am living a calm and relatively good life
@casersatz congrats to her for exposing the hypocrisy on both sides. Liberals spent last couple months whining about Wikileaks now its okay.
RT @Chaantellie: Lord give me strength against a fine chocolate man
RT @JRonMelrose: Nigga fab said "im not that little pregnant white girl, but juno"
RT @mckelvey_ian: When does Obama love Wikileaks? When the leaking is carried out by a transsexual. All other Wikileaks activities a… https://t.co/Q4LyDNafFl
este bobo quiere figurar ni lo juno, alto salame
@peachpiecosplay You look gorgeous!! Bulma is my favorite Dragonball girl. 😁💕
RT @ForestCityIA: Forest Theatre is featuring "Passengers", rated (PG-13) from Jan 20 - Jan 26th. @ForestTheatre
RT @FreeLauriLove: CNN is reporting Chelsea Manning has just had her sentence commuted by @POTUS!!!!! @xychelsea #TimeServed #FreeChelsea #SaveManning
Juno on vaan niin hyvä leffa, ja Ellen Page on ikuisesti mun suurin märkäuni. Jos se nyt tulis ja kaappais mut ni en vastustelis.
RT @ABC: BREAKING: Pres. Obama commutes vast majority of Chelsea Manning's 35-year sentence, White House says; sentence to e… https://t.co/Qr4aZtpW81
RT @op_juno: JUNO officers are now out taking a statement form a victim of DA to help out our LPT colleagues #Bshiftwestarethebest #noremitshere
@brianefallon You hypocritical Liberals spent last couple months whining about Wikileaks. Now suddenly they are okay to celebrate.