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RT @nwagoner: Anytime you can toss it up for your 5'8 receiver to just go get a jump ball, you've got to do it.
@FoxNews @KellyannePolls Not over at all. Unclear who is going to win toss-ups: UT? GA? AZ? TX? HoR? Jump ba… https://t.co/2CT3kJvWNE
RT @gchiesaohmy: Good mid range jump shooters have the core balance 2 "stop, pop and drop," the ball thru the net. That stability starts w/ strength of legs.
@paulpogba @ManUtd you love to jump and you can play ball up @chelsea
Malcolm Butler beat Antonio Brown on a jump ball
Why would you throw a jump ball to Brown? He gets open all the time but he's not going to win a lot of those if he's covered.
Malcom Butler just beat out Antonio Brown on a jump ball? 🤔
Who would you rather have to cover on a jump ball
@MikePereira so a jump shot is taunting but throwing the ball into stands isn't. Another stupidism from the @NFL
@userpic24 @Equipment_Guru @SickNastySykes check da Julio Jones vid under my media tab on my twitter. DB always freezes in H2H on jump ball
@lc_cinco mane start for jump ball then hit the bench
What a jump off the ball by Bosa
@NorthlandTim if he gets out of bounds there though it's one jump ball pass on the last play which AJ Green just scored on today.
@omg_ItsWilson they play different game catch and run AB all day but if I need someone to go up and win a jump ball I'm taking AJ
@Alex_OBrien16 true but same reason we used to put Calvin back there only cause they're the tallest guys on the field for a jump ball
Jump ball for thomas time!
RT @theJumpBallnet: The first ever Jump Ball podcast is available on Soundcloud. Had a great time with @EricPincus https://t.co/rUw0zkuZ4m
How about A Nice Jump Ball To Michael Thomas
RT @theJumpBallnet: Previewed the NBA season w/ @EricPincus on the Jump Ball's first ever podcast. #NBA https://t.co/Zg2sIxXwIR https://t.co/vH6uaCkR1q
Again, no penalty for Anquan Boldin for chucking that ball into the stands when Davis gets penalized for a jump shot? #WASvsDET
Ronald Darby is putrid in jump ball situations. Got torced against Jets multiple times and no idea what he was doing there. #Bills
RT @1TimMurray: So you can throw the ball 25 rows into the stands but don't take a jump shot... check
RT @tsherm18: Cmon man dont throw a jump ball to Chris Moore. You got better options