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im so grateful for julissa man 😩❤️ she's really all I got 💯
RT @Brriianaaa: when Julissa and I aren't together we're on Face Time smh
RT @seoksoonseok: An actual footage of Soonyoung calling Seokmin "hyung" 😶 https://t.co/1Ra1IKYEhr
Как всегда, кровать моя лучшая подруга:)
@anakaren0317 @celeste_garciat déjenme celosasss , siguen uestedes de estar ahí💗😝
@FernandaCGA valen la pena tus esfuerzos porque siempre tienes éxito y yo disfruto ver tus escenas mi reina. Te abrazo mi niña guapa ❤💕😘 tqm
@AndreaLegarreta mi niña bella siempre me sacas una sonrisa y me haces sentir bien con tus risas y comentarios mi amor.Saludos hermosa❤💕😘tqm
Woke up and my voice is gone...
@yahirmusic mi amor años siendo una gran admiradora tuya.Escuchándote diario y disfrutando cada vez que te veo en escenario.Te adoro bello❤😘
RT @JeffSolin: Lane Tech junior Julissa Martinez's design 4 anyone that wants to print and / or share. Pls keep her name on it :)… https://t.co/kYKrIdtOI0
Julissa - Eco de tu voz Sonando ahora en https://t.co/T1zW1NGBv6
RT @PR_Governance: El Fed.NY asegura recuperación económica depende de transparencia en la #TransiciónPR, como pide @ricardorossello. https://t.co/3cttdAx4jW
Miercoles Dios no olvida tu servicio. Hacer la Voluntad de Dios… https://t.co/TEsnm1UVZu
Brunette Julissa uses some dildo to masturbate https://t.co/B3dzBqX2Jz
RT @SVTGlobal: [TRANS by ohmywonwoo] 161130 doojinsoo IG: with Seventeen Seungkwan & Sunyoung noonaㅋㅋ Whoa!!! Long time no see!!!!… https://t.co/Z4WRtGxxl3
RT @soliditary: Things worth having are worth waiting for.
RT @srsIydeep: literally every girl is possessive over whats theirs so stop calling girls phsyco and crazy for caring
RT @Iifepost: I think it’s cute when someone texts u after hanging out just to say they had fun with u, little things like that are cute to me idk
RT @septicals: I’m a very strong believer that whoever is meant to be in your life will always gravitate back towards you, regardless how far they wander.
RT @whatgirIsIove: You walk into Bath & Body Works smelling like a human and walk out smelling like Fresh Vanilla Balsam of Mahogany Christmas Joy and Laughter
RT @MMemo__: Don't spend too much time trying to make others happy, soon enough you'll forget how to make yourself happy.
RT @JustMyTeenDiary: When you really love someone, even if there are a million reasons to leave, you still look for that one reason to stay.
RT @CommonWhiteGrls: when u check to see if they've opened ur message yet and it says read 32 mins ago https://t.co/2fNoXsnswy