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RT @evasways: 3 Ways to Fast-Track Your LUPUS Healing Journey... https://t.co/Y2on9sm2tF #lupusselenagomez #lupusdisease #lupussymptoms #curelupus
RT @EmilyRidley4: The Truth: SUGAR ADDICTION - 8 Times More Addictive Than Cocaine! https://t.co/0GbdfKxj4M #sugaraddictioncure #sugaraddictionwithdrawal
MARTES SECO Algún tiempo después, se secó el arroyo porque no había… https://t.co/0MefJKi65W
Up hella early
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RT @HeymanHustle: . @FastAshFurious I have great respect for @WWERomanReigns. Unfortunately, my client @BrockLesnar does not concur with that one assessment.
RT @tuckerpoetry: the julissa mutual - fucking slays my existence EVERY GODDAMN DAY - cant wait to meet her the most - literally a queen - wes loves her sm
@julissa_perez26 That's all I need to hear 💖😭
I'll promise you a love that'll never make you blind
These songs got me in my feels
RT @chanaegi: °○•° we're like two halves of one heart °•○° #CaratSelcaDay https://t.co/S5nmsu8RVa
RT @EthanDolan: Don't be too anxious or insecure no one really knows what we were put on earth for just have a good time and you're chillin🤘🏻
RT @GraysonDolan: If you're ever feeling stressed or trapped, try exercising and being active, trust me it makes you feel so much better
RT @GraysonDolan: I don't post enough photos on twitter
RT @GraysonDolan: Ethan's twitter is better than mine
I can't wait to go to different places and meet different people