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Krystal has no respect. Im trying to watch tv and she’s talking to who knows who on the mf phone. Fucking rude
@La_Julissa Me too, I say Luis, they say Louis but then type Lewis 🙄🙄
Julissa & Rene Gonzalez - Vencere
RT @leslieontiveer: neta ya dan ganas de enamorarse bien bonito ☹️
RT @edgar_cortina10: Evito las malas vibras
RT @Soyalerios: Ay no ¿Por qué Diosito me habrá hecho tan chismosa?
I surprise myself all the time lmao
Veja os usuários que acessaram seu perfil agora https://t.co/vCuV504tVE
i didn’t ask to be born latina nomas tuve suerte 👀💁
RT @TevinUssin: Cap. Retweet if you have all 3 https://t.co/BDOwNmBIqN
RT @Hmzh_ch: Alhamdullilah we’re blessed to have warm running water in our homes. Just look at this kids excitement, priceless r… https://t.co/Jz6Rd1F9sF
RT @KLAJHNSN: Do y’all remember Shanna’s Show? https://t.co/o51Ypta2lQ
RT @Jerrypleasure: *someone doesn’t text me back* me: they are busy my brain: bro they fucken hate u
RT @AndreaRussett: sometimes i cancel plans w ppl because my mind convinces me they were just being polite when they invited me 😆🙏🏼
RT @aguilarjessie21: people in el Reno died and ppl are really out there making these tornados seem like a joke
RT @pleasehelp420: oh my god im in this thrift shop and i just heard an old white lady yell “THIS IS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” i l… https://t.co/ZSI2fMU9JW
RT @_kennedywalsh: one time in middle school we weren’t allowed to use our phones in class so i spent the entire english class writing… https://t.co/CH1DfQDmH8
RT @kngarou: A best friend will ride in your car no matter how many times you've nearly killed them lmaooo