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@realDonaldTrump making america great again? More like making gasoline expensive again?$3.15 per gallon phx az
RT @morethanashieId: today's tea: ╭╯ ╭╯╭╯╭╯ ╭╯ ████████████ ═╮ █twitter is now too █ | █toxic that im afraid█ | █ to tweet my… https://t.co/npIrr969JW
RT @BestOfDolanTwns: Don't tell me you don't like Ethan with facial hair I won't believe you anyway https://t.co/qO7Dfwnaj1
RT @SiriusXMHits1: We hope Columbus' finest pay us a visit real soon! @twentyonepilots 😉 https://t.co/PBvYVeGyWD
RT @Tuesdaydolan_24: Gray is a HUMAN TOO, maybe he had a mistake, but he apologized after. So... DEAL WITH IT! #WeLoveGrayson https://t.co/guz737WUtD
RT @DatHurdler_Theo: We just gone ignore that bird’s strength? https://t.co/lcPQFUbLPu
RT @alexiishuston: on a qu’une vie alors n’oublie pas: • si tu veux lui parler – appelle la • si tu veux la voir – invite la • si el… https://t.co/2Bfq17pKgK
RT @AmuseBouchecook: https://t.co/VNKhqqwKGJ … … Book 2 in the Ville Rose series NOW ON AMAZON. Will Juliette's love for Didier survive… https://t.co/etG5Kzbdzr
The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die. - Juliette Lewis #SuicidePreventionhttps://t.co/hN5DrYbqtH
Anna Netrebko & Roberto Alagna “Va, je t’ai pardonné” Romeo et Juliette https://t.co/cJbORHMzx5
RT @EthanDolan: YAY I’m seeing people tweet me about us sharing the same phobias WE’RE ALL WEIRDOS TOGETHER
RT @GraysonDolan: Guys, I think what I said in Emma’s video is being misinterpreted. I was bringing awareness to the disgusting part… https://t.co/fUSweK4WmZ
RT @GraysonDolan: I want a positive change for overworked stars in ALL industries. Health is extremely important. Don’t engage with a… https://t.co/OIKOHkkp8C
RT @GraysonDolan: Seeing people frustrated that I didn’t properly apologize. I am very sorry for offending or upsetting anyone with t… https://t.co/AvMtldw8ad
I hate the fact that some "fans" make a WHOLE DRAMA for something that is only a joke, @GraysonDolan you are a beau… https://t.co/Realw2uk09
Today in History for 20th June 2018: Historical Events 1893 - Lizzie Borden acquitted of the 1892 axe murders of he… https://t.co/C4Wu4WU92G
RT @HondaMarla: @silent_guitar @Mina__Juliette Soy tan empática con el dolor ajeno que me hago mierda mil veces. Pero vale la pena.… https://t.co/D118IvBjb3
https://t.co/ADDMwnqnij Today in History for 20th June 2018 - Historical Events 1893 - Lizzie Borden acquitted of… https://t.co/smRCaZSUUi
RT @madblackthot: I’m gonna show YOU how to shut the hell up and mind your business when no one asked for your opinion https://t.co/qNIaLIlr02
@GraysonDolan You're a good person and you change life people in some many ways, the stressful things you know how… https://t.co/2wH2GMNY66