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The crash at the PACIFIC Mwy northbound before JULIETTE St Greenslopes has cleared. Traffic is back to MAINS Rd on… https://t.co/UgKdDUBnUY
RT @mrjamesob: My youngest has had my old phone for a couple of years. Just for games, which I download for her before disconnecti… https://t.co/MHig5HOEQr
@cynpark13 So moving, so well portrayed by Juliette B. Ane Brun's beautiful song captures its spirit perfectly.
RT @zouloumaan: Ma pote a reçu un message qui disait "Slt, je voulais te signaler que je sors avec ton ex et en plus il baise bien… https://t.co/9CuMsnmwem
RT @danhett: RT if you've spent your entire life consuming American movies and/or videogames and haven't massacred dozens of peo… https://t.co/HDGGRpY5MB
RT @isabelwaidner: "Contemporary authors Stewart Home, Isabel Waidner, @LeeRourke, Juliet Jacques and @larapawson reflect on the work… https://t.co/fW8d07C7zZ
Juliette Shyn Is Begging For Her First Time Video Casting! https://t.co/kWl7UHjAGV
RT @TheoLvs_: 2018 : il faut payer pour s’asseoir https://t.co/c6XRwRZcXx
RT @brjxv_: so you’re telling me my brain can save the exact features of a stranger i saw once on the subway in 2010 so they ca… https://t.co/8slzvzJAx0
it’s not scaling anything tho https://t.co/fHhMK1SuuB
RT @meechonmars: girls be so beautiful that shit dumb https://t.co/BUASZJBk3F
RT @fooIspromise: me: we should talk more my mutual: omg yes!! me: my mutual: me: my mutual: me: my mutual: we should talk more often! me: definitely!!
@tlrxjsh Déjà comment tu peux te prendre une porte Juliette
RT @maidencode: No digas nada, solo retwittea https://t.co/9RaW2be8L4
Juliette Ahhh mi cd esta rayado -.-
RT @peachyblackgorl: does anyone else remember this song???? I feel like this is the epitome of my childhood https://t.co/qIbQWm2J8y
RT @valentinavoight: I’m a whole look, a vibe, a mood
u_u everyone what was your first gg + bg song mine was kara’s honey + shinee’s juliette
RT @llelexo: aujourd'hui jfaisais mon contouring sauf que j'avais mis trop de poudre du coup jprend mon beauty blender j'estompe… https://t.co/AB5c1zft8F
Today, #Gounod's 'Roméo et Juliette' with Tretyakova, Pirgu, Erraught, Resmark and Alegret from @Liceu_cathttps://t.co/nGi6mANN2x