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@Guy_L_E @HeavC4 @salamigrl It’s the Juelz Santana teeth and the subtle hairline shading he did that’s KILLING ME
take me back to the time when Juelz Santana had real teeth. that was a time to be alive. simpler times.
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/RTTZq31Ifn Juelz Santana & T.I. - Crown Me (Life In Studio)
I know I’m late but Juelz Santana’s dentist played him 😢
Is it me or juelz Santana look a little slow now? https://t.co/VeXOuHjsLh
Why do industry women name their sons after their fathers stage name? Lls like Ciara named Future, Future, but futu… https://t.co/DuN2jZzPaV
RT @dreamlandutopia: 16 year old Juelz Santana freestyling (1999) https://t.co/Wqy3UlXNTj
RT @Sav_Jerm: Juelz santana be talkin like he got denchers in his mouth
RT @calekee_: How y'all know Juelz Santana don't have teeth?
Somebody posted what happened to Juelz Santana teeth and somebody gonna reply back he was teethin like thats not a whole grown ass man
@GeminiSneed The ONLY real rappers ever that were in a group were Bone thugs and Harmony. More best ever. No one u… https://t.co/88WF4v3p33
RICK ROSS, JUELZ SANTANA, GUCCI MANE - Lougotcash Ft Monty- Pipe Down
The Diplomats on Their Reunion, Juelz Santana Getting Engaged & Meeting Actor Laurence Fishburne https://t.co/4GGrROEgtT
@Bry_Money What up Gangsta -50 Cent Santana's Town --Juelz Santana
“They had an Ebola breakout in the romaine lettuce” - Juelz Santana
RT @_dyelexxyia: Juelz Santana used to be so fine😫 it’s the teeth🤦🏾‍♀️
I'm probably late to the party, but Juelz Santana talks like he got a prosthetic lip or something.. w.t.f
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/7Rl5P6B1RY Yandy Smith On Being A Foster Mom, Fake Love & Hip-Hop Drama, Juelz Santana + More
Is it me or does juelz Santana sound like a 70 year old man with those teeth? 😫
You know I realized? I cannot stand to look at Juelz Santana. That mouthpiece hurts my eyes and annoys me so bad and idk why
Lil boy fresh - juelz Santana https://t.co/asxdccD82z
Im not really a hater. I love love 💜. But Kimbella waited a decade for a ring after 2 kids. She's just now getting… https://t.co/vTwOkn5nFZ