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RT @Adbodnar: “Judges involved in politically sensitive cases or who have expressed opposition to threats to judicial independenc… https://t.co/OB7WusSNKR
Dutch appeals judges dismiss bid to take #Brexit case to European court: news agency AFP
RT @maneeshchhibber: Exclusive : Modi govt returns 2 names, including son of former SC Judge Saghir Ahmed, who recommended autonomy for… https://t.co/9FxT8CakPI
RT @ninaandtito: @PrplLilac & if you can't prevent minorities from voting because meanie judges say your voter ID laws violate… https://t.co/6aw8YfQaMT
RT @neiljedcastro: You deserve someone who never judges your past. Someone who accepts your scars.
@xandoomal @AKG_kl @maneeshchhibber @apurva_hv You are talking about The laws made by the parliament. Right ? Judge… https://t.co/3R9Mran3KC
RT @Fact: One mistake and everyone judges you.
RT @Fact: One mistake and everyone judges you.
Appeal judges reject British EU citizenship claim, won’t refer to EU court https://t.co/oLx3mihaRV @viru_d_great https://t.co/zS3pOFU4UY
With many #EU countries falling to the far right, Europe appears to be caught like a rabbit in headlights, unable t… https://t.co/jCwJxRsB6P
Judges - The execution is terrible, the placement is terrible! What on earth did you think you were doing? Leigh -… https://t.co/DWZGJLw27M
RT @LoisShelton1: We're delighted to have data analytics maven Brandon Aldridge as one of our distinguished judges for #PitchWar2! Re… https://t.co/JyZzXOPrOn
RT @Hennigan1John: POTUS duty is 2 protect the people by enforcing US Law. Congress you write it and Judges interpret if confused! So… https://t.co/vhDUjr3C0h
@BBC this is my experience with #cannabis. Physical and mental #abuse by the #police and #financial #abuse from the… https://t.co/h6ERqAgLGR
RT @BCernusa: Judges in Poland talk about political pressure, harassment&disciplinary charges. Undermining of the independence of… https://t.co/kJX1r0DoGy
RT @JamesWallis: You remember that 200-word RPG I wrote last month, 'These are animals', about being a kid taken away from their mot… https://t.co/tUT3oqON7R
'They’re trying to break me': Polish judges face state-led intimidation https://t.co/aWvytsKJEL
@waltshaub Walter before you you get your pants in a twist and launching a barrage of lies you forget who institute… https://t.co/XH4Id391eD
RT @Fact: One mistake and everyone judges you.
RT @MRVChennai: Judges joining congress post retirement is secular; Armymen joining BJP is communal!
Hmmmm...... a dish with coriander in it ........if only there was a clue to the judges which dish Sashi cooked. #masterchefau
RT @CILIPCKG: Thank you from the Chair of Judges https://t.co/X3YNOBg5Uf
RT @JasonHalle: Former Albany Judge Pleads Guilty to Scamming Millions From Estate Billions Stolen in Probate Courts There are ma… https://t.co/TfBlRWyMHh
RT @Fact: One mistake and everyone judges you.
RT @Haggis_UK: Dominic Grieve brilliantly goes after the Daily Mail after they attacked judges with their "enemies of the people"… https://t.co/ur4FokYpxP