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@MrCdubya @hawkeysasquatch @sherry541072 @IngrahamAngle They're the people of Judah. God chosen people they will su… https://t.co/eNoyMbGXW1
@B_Judah_Ben_Hur (대답은 않고 빤히 노려본다.) (일어날 생각 전혀 X)
@Judah_BenHur_B ..... 모르겠다. 괜찮은지, 아닌지. 그저 어지러워. (눈을 감고 핑핑 도는 상상을 한다. 너도, 누구도, 모두.)
@judah_pope ouch
@MrCdubya @hawkeysasquatch @sherry541072 @IngrahamAngle Countless of unarmed Judah people getting shot down in the… https://t.co/kZSHYSuT91
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Karadlokan na mapuli
RT @Tr1zz: no bitch can come kick it, hang out, chill...none of that shit. Y'all get faded and touched then cry rape knowing exactly what's goin on
RT @Tr1zz: Find you some loyal pussy and stick wit it. The ratio from good to shitty women is slim to none.
Mapuli ko o hndi 🙁
@UN @POTUS & the #USA have #Angered #Yahweh this #NewBabylon shall fall @AP @Reuters @AFP @AlJazeera… https://t.co/nXsPWSyDXB
Relive last night's show by @judahandthelion at @IronCityBham ! #JudahAndTheLion https://t.co/USk4ChmSt6https://t.co/wqpkVbRj5Q
@MrCdubya @hawkeysasquatch @sherry541072 @IngrahamAngle The point being the NFL is 70% Judah they do not need ur sa… https://t.co/FGsXcbGKub
@Messala_B (너는 서로에게 상처를 주기 전에 말을 적당히 갈무리한다. 저도 굳이 파고들려 하지 않는다. 무엇이든 아픔만 남아.) ........속은 괜찮고?
“And I will join with it the stick of Judah, and make them one stick, that they may be one in my hand.” Ezekiel 37:19
When Judah sings going to mars next to you standing on a 1 inch rail the whole time… https://t.co/tXuMCYF6en
@Judah_BenHur_B ........ ...... 나는 자네에게, (영웅이고 싶다... 술김에라도 내뱉을 수 없는 한마디. 로마의 영웅이면 어떻고 예루살렘의 영웅이면 어떠하냐.) ...... 그래..
Judah and the Lion dance party 🎉 @ Iron City Bham https://t.co/W7UhGZoVPb
@hawkeysasquatch @sherry541072 @IngrahamAngle Sit down be humble. Enjoy watching these great young men play that's… https://t.co/fWziM3w7US
@9Messala 나 가 (힘껏 노려보며 손으로 문를 가리킨다.)
RT @CTTownsend: It’s been a blessing 2 meet & preach with @KurtSkelly & Abdel Judah this weekend! Both of these men are doing a tr… https://t.co/ye4VBGNLFN
The only emperor of my lifetime lineage is Biblically linked back to the Tribe of Judah. KINGS OF Kings, Lords of L… https://t.co/jNAXqgczid
@Jesus_YaHWeH_ @ledrew @darhar981 @AnitaLea1 @emmanuelobi476 @Messiahanthem @Blessttt @Carole77777 @AngeicaNewsom… https://t.co/FVtI4TXZPe
@B_Judah_Ben_Hur 싫어. (누워서 이불을 몸에 둘둘 말고 단호하게 쳐다본다.)
@9Messala 자네 침대에 누우면 되지않는가!!!