.@TIME's "Finding Home" is some really beautiful journalism.
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Currently at the Kentucky News Photographers Association convention. Grateful to be a part of the journalism commun…
@PennyRed Come now, darling, we know your wealthy parents bought you this 'job'. I've never seen you do journalism. Lots of punditry though.
You mean #Protesters destroy property and start fires, right? Even your headline sucks. @NBCNews we need real…
In journalism no one should shy away from questions because they fear/assume a canned answer. Ask. Probe. Try.
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[Fearless, Adversarial Journalism – Spoken Edition] Dow Chemical [...] via @PodcastAddict
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Any question I had about why Comrade T*mp won, this Pew Research study from December clarifies it. 19%, yes that...
That's 2016 campaign coverage in nutshell. Dumpster fire over there, real journalism gets short shrift. @fivefifths
RT @TauhidChappell: In a situation like this, everyone documents and contributes, even @PostBaron. #journalism
I'm looking to educate myself in #journalism where would be a decent place to start in the #UK ?
#KONE Students at Arrowhead Christian in Redlands win mock trial awards – for art and journalism -… #inlandempire
@WSJ if we fact checked the MM sources we MIGHT find 1/2 of 1% truth-journalism has careened from fact reporting to propaganda spinning
Exceptional journalism from @KayBurley again. How the hell is she still in a job @SkyNews #Inauguration
RT @PeterMonnerjahn: Here’s an explainer of why the #WhatsApp “backdoor” story is overblown pseudo-#journalism. @zeynep @manisha_bot
RT @CraigAtTheTop: @Ruth_Less_Lady @WATP115 @Daily_Record @DarrenBSCooney No wonder he's changed his avatar. A young lad getting into…
RT @BurtonDiaries: Jan 20 69 When I retire which I must do before long I shall write a diatribe against the whole false world of journalism & show business.
RT @laurapitel: "After six months of this state of emergency, journalism is dying in Turkey," warns Reporters Sans Frontieres
@jayrosen_nyu political journalism would die a death.
@cbcnewsbc Excellent example of disengaging from fact and professionalism. The CBC brings shame to journalism.