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RT @RayBrenden: Lost first round freshman year won it all junior that's #progress #powderpuffchampions
@josie_lee17 I won't be able to make it unfortunately, but give my buds a BIG hug for me!
once you eff me over i just won't care for you the way i did before.
RT @elizaxlu: thats right, Disneyland won 🙌🏼
Disneyland won 😁
RT @MeredithFoster: If someone blocks you, you won.
RT @JulieLoolibelle: @Bethkirchin @Se_Railway chances are it won't be fixed. Signalling needs more investment as does rolling stock ahead of concourses & shops
Rubio won't even show up to six days of work if he is re-elected.
At 8:40 @justinbieber has won a couple of world record titles. Only 8. That's coming up with Josie and the City!
RT @spanishcvndy: I'd wear all my man's shirts, clothes in general except his jeans cus I hate jeans and they won't fit me most likely unless he's a twig
Book book book! You won't be disappointed!
It occurs to me that future generations won't get the Mr. Moviefone jokes in JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS.
When tv shows just randomly switch actors and think we won't notice....
RT @dderazi7: if u don't already have a josie siegel in ur life then get her in ur life u won't regret it
RT @CoupIesPosts: my dad told me "if a man cares about you, you won't ever have to wonder how he feels, he'll constantly remind you" and that really hit deep.
if u don't already have a josie siegel in ur life then get her in ur life u won't regret it
⚠️ATTENTION ALL FAIRFIELD SOPHOMORES⚠️ vote Madison Byrd for your sophomore class prez, you won't regret it! #ByrdShallFly
RT @squandydaspider: YOOOOO sOpHoMoReS!!!!! vote @MadisonLeeByrd for class prez you won't regret it 😎💯👅😩🤘🏼👽💯💯 #byrdshallfly
RT @EverythingGoats: Realizing it's only Tuesday and this week has already won
I just made Elena cry by asking why she won't buy her school supplies tonight
#nrfaustralia Junior #muaythai #fighter JOSIE "BUBBLES" ROSSALLEN won silver yesterday in Bangkok at the IFMA...
@harryscloudx @NiallOfficial @British_Airways yeah but he's a person too, he won't have other things in his suitcase than us :)
RT @NanyMTV: They won't always respect you, but you must always respect yourself✨👍🏽
RT @carmelabny: To all my wonderful followers! Let me be the person to change how you prepare meals. Josie's Oats won't let you down