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@Delhewitt4 sure am 🖖🏼 Not sure what we're doing, @NOS_Alive looks not bad it's in Portugal might give that a go. I do miss @fiberfib tho Jx
RT @goldntabs: if u screenshot her snapchats just cus she looks cute ur winning
It's always great to see a beautiful dog #FuelledByCanagan! 💪 Looks like Puppy Bolt has got that #FridayFeeling too…
RT @FauxNFLnetwork: Jay Cutler always looks like the before guy in every cold & flu remedy commercial.
@Josie_Crew @HorseHour That horse is Humongous! Looks like a hunter to me too. Would look great soaring through the countryside
@baaaaaaaallz LOVE these looks!!💕
Explain to me why my friends cat looks exactly like Josie like did you steel her from Jacob
Gabriel:mom you need to cut your grass. Josie:I'm going for the spooky look..see my house looks abandoned. 💀
@saltyjasper that looks like some rando cousin of josie's or something lol
Man tbh Josie looks super fun to play I can't wait to play this game
My baby girl asked me if it was okay if we video chat while she braids her hair I said of course. She looks beautif…
RT @ilyagermanyuk: How IoT Refines What Sales Success Looks Like: IoT disintermediates B2B account management.... #sales #marketing
RT @menggalurks: Bossing: "Maraming talento tong bata na to (Maine)." Jose looks like a proud kuya😌 You amaze us everyday, @mainedcm👏🏻 #ALDUBLessonsOfLOVE
@taylorhebert98 @josie_cortez that looks like a bunch of baseball players all spit in one plate 😝😝
RT @SexualGif: When he looks really good and youre trying hard not to hit him up
@JinxJoise this looks beautiful and has an amazing view I love it Josie
my hair looks weird but JOSIE😈❤️
@itsDevanKey some guy just came into the dentist office and he looks like you
That looks soo cheesy, but right-on-point chessy. And look: Josie and the Pussycats!!! #Riverdale
@JosieLong We’re watching it now - she looks like you! My bf christened PW-B ‘Josie Long-er’
I've decided the upcoming Riverdale series looks too much like Twilight when it should be more like the Josie & the Pussycats (2001) movie.
RT @michelleshorman: Josie looks so good in all of these @fionanoella and then there is you
Josie....It Looks Like You & I Are The Only Ones Who See TRUTH.
RT @englandcricket: This is what a world record scoreboard looks like #WeAreEnglandCricket