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@abbyymichelleee abby you should take your own advice and not spread people's own personal business that isn't yours to share.
@cryptidkisser welp i was thinking of the whole an old lady swallowed a fly type of thing
hate when I'm creeping and accidently like a pic :')
RT @haleyyhink: it's hard being a sleepy girl with responsibilities
RT @_mackenzie_03: How I be on my phone at family events😂
josie and mari better make up
Ever want to shake someone until they wake the hell up and realize all the mistakes they are making? Bc same
RT @emmapeebs: Respecting my mother and father.
@xjosiebeans Hi Josie! To clarify, did you elect to use direct debit, or pay electronically? This may help: 1/2
🇺🇸Why try to control life that was given🇺🇸#america #BeautifulMind #weareamerica
@josie_pry is so happy and that makes me happy😊😊😊
Josie Maran argan oil is a life saver
i just want someone to come in my life and actually mean what they say
RT @_Araney_: "One time I swear I saw an ostrich in our driveway!" -Josie @Josieee_R
RT @SoReIatable: yikes @ people who are lowkey mean & jealous of their friends. support your friends. there's room for everyone to thrive. not a competition.
I want froyo😋
RT @AlexaNicole123: best thing I've read in so long 😅
spooks are really fuckin gay and anarchists are really really gr8 m8 and so on and so on sniff
Facetiming Marc and Josie rolls from her back to her belly. Not even one month old yet, she just likes showing off for Dad ❤ @Marcusloper21
@josie_flack but... it isnt? i havent read any books like that
@josie_danielle6 nah girl your one of a kind that's for sure 💕
RT @pressure: "are you okay?" idk, good question